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    Thanks for being FAB.


    I just loved those puppets!

    Wasn’t there an X rated Thunderbirds?

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    Danny Stephenson

    My dad got given a Haynes Manual of all the Thunderbirds ships today…

    I hadn’t the heart to tell him…


    >Wasn’t there an X rated Thunderbirds?

    That was Team America: World Police…


    I’ve been forbidden by the hubby and the son to watch Team America. From what I understand, that’s probably a good thing. I’d rather have warm fuzzy childhood memories left unsullied.


    Oh really? I loved it, thought it was funny, but then again the last time I watched it I was in my teens… I’ll watch it again in the morning to see if its still funny to me. I’m pretty sure it will be, there’s this one bit with the line “dang, I missed him” which I remember clearly and it’s hilarious in context.

    Lexo Ross

    I’m so ronery :(


    Everyone has AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS!

    Ian Symes

    Great tribute to Gerry Anderson, everyone.

    Lexo Ross

    All I’m trying to say is Pearl Harbour sucked more than I miss you


    I miss Gerry Anderson like this thread missed the point.

    Lexo Ross

    Wow, this started as a tribute thread and here we are quoting Team America


    His effects work is the only reason to watch ‘Journey to the Far Side of the Sun’.
    It’s a pretty terrible film but the model work is absolutely outstanding.

    Very sad loss indeed.

    Paul Muller

    I’ve been rewatching Captain Scarlet for the last couple of days – it’s bloody good.

    Enjoy this clip of some miniature work by a young Steve Begg, who I believe did a fair bit of work on Red Dwarf over the years.

    Paul Muller

    By the way, it’s from Terrahawks – just realised that post might have looked a bit out of context.


    I loved Terrahawks and also Space Precinct. Yeah, I said it: Space Precinct! It was really fun. So there.

    So sad to hear that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s, it’s such a total bastard of a disease :( Gerry’s son Jamie has a blog, (it’s how I heard about Gerry’s passing originally) It’s a very touching and interesting read: http://www.jamieanderson.me.uk/a-thank-you/

    Seb Patrick

    I loved Space Precinct at the time, although looking back I have no idea whether I actually liked the episodes or just thought the flying police cars were amazingly cool.

    Ian Symes

    Fun fact: the flying police cars were designed by Alan Brannan, of The Model Unit fame.

    Pete Part Three

    Hmm. Well, the theme tune and the models were nice.

    Ben Paddon

    I loved Space Precinct. I used to collect the stickers! I’m sure it hasn’t held up.

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