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    Paul Muller

    Everyone’s favourite youtuber unleashes a poignant stream of apologetic consciousness upon his viewers.

    John Hoare

    As I’m someone who – correctly – has been accused in the past of being rude and insensitive over someone’s weight (albeit as an extremely overplayed joke), I thought he might have been apologising for something similar – a joke that went too far. But I’ve just watched the video he’s apologising for, and it really does comes across as pretty fucking nasty. And I’m not sensitive about my weight at all.

    I’m glad he apologised.


    ‘you fat fuck’ nice Bobby, real nice. I’d like to see him actually say that to an overweight person’s face!

    Yeah yeah you can see the point he’s making, but it’s definitely unfair for him to say ‘don’t come to me with your weight problems’. It’s very easy to have that attitude, especially if you’re really sensitive over the number of starving people in the world. Fortunately I’m an ignorant twat so when I’m shoveling greasy cheese fries down my gullet I don’t feel that guilt in the back of my mind. He obviously does.

    All weight problems are serious and should be taken seriously.


    Btw, I love the title of this thread!


    I didn’t find the comments he made too bad at all really. It was the aspect of a 5 year old mail, I’ve ahd the same thing many times. The point he was trying to get across was, with a reduced population with over half starving why would you still have the same overweight. He’s a comedy actor, he writes comedy, he acts comedy. Just because it’s on YouTube it’s been reacted upon. You go to any stand-up comedy act, and this is tame! I totally agee with the statement that people are dying of hunger in the world, but the people with money are dying of obesity. IMO that was his point, not that it was a fat joke or directed at fat people.


    But he DID follow that point up with a pretty harsh comment. One you see thin comics say a lot, but still…

    Given the second video, I gotta say, fair enough. He knew he went to far and he walked it back. Good man.


    I like his gay voice


    My brain must of fell asleep at that point…All I heard was something to do with computers and 6 people with most the world’s wealth.


    > All I heard was something to do with computers and 6 people with most the world?s wealth.

    That’s probably for the best. You may have had to cover your ears otherwise. I don’t think I’ve heard Bobby eff it that much before. He was really off on one!


    >I like his gay voice

    I liked it last night ;-)

    Danny Stephenson

    > I don?t think I?ve heard Bobby eff it that much before. He was really off on one!

    He DID seem a little bit more abrasive than usual. Twas a bit weird, really.


    I didn’t find it that bad, actually. And I am overweight, myself. *shrugs*


    >I didn?t find it that bad, actually. And I am overweight, myself. *shrugs*

    Is that a photo of someone else then?


    Well, it is several years old.


    I found nothing wrong in his rant.

    Pete Part Three

    I found nothing wrong in his rant other than it was long, pointless and not particularly amusing.

    Steve Harris

    I didn’t see much wrong with it, especially given the material of other comics in even more of the public eye.

    What I would say though, is that Rob seems torn between social comment and comedy these days and the two dont always mix..

    Rob does swear in front of male company and does not shy away from a good rant.

    Hmmm, seemingly he may be human after all :-)

    Tanya Jones

    The problem I have with it is that Rob is angry at the wrong thing. He’s angry at economic inequality, but choosing to blame the people whose situation shows the hypocrisy of the rich West, rather than the powers that keep that situation the way it is. Frankly, I’m disappointed that he chose to display such a simplistic view of the issue, and took the cheap shot instead of the more considered assessments I’m used to from him.


    As I posted on PooTube, I did not find it particularly offensive (and im a colossaly fat bastard) just very dissapointing.


    I remember investigating this whole concept a while ago, the head of my sixth form tried to push it in an assembly. Didnt react well when I said it wasnt accurate.



    The whole thing was very strange. Didn’t seem like Bobby at all…or at least the image he usually puts across.

    Felt like watching really weak stand-up. Bit like Craig’s Live On Earth *cough*


    >Craig?s Live On Earth

    Rarities section plz.

    John Hoare

    I’ve only just come across this – it’s all about tone, apparently.

    I don’t necessarily agree, mind you – I think his general point isn’t quite right either, regardless of how it was put across. But pointless going back into all that, I guess!

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