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    If someone has the Primordial Soup book to hand, I’d be interested to know what that line from Polymorph was supposed to be.

    I imagine a more streamlined “I’d better [go and] change the bag” and that Robert really stumbled. Bit disappointing if it’s only the “um” that’s extraneous.

    The important questions.

    Series III Kryten sounding a bit, um, like the old Carl Sagan, there.


    Taiwan Tony


    Thanks, TT! That’s just what I’d hoped. Tripped, um, over the old line, there.



    Series III Kryten is all over the place. He adds about three extra syllables to “sawn-off shotgun” in Backwards.

    There should be an in-universe explanation of how he was reset and improved after The Last Day, or something.


    Ben Saunders

    I like how Danny gives absolutely no pause between “what’s that smell” and “it’s me”. He already knows



    “Enjoying your mmeal, sir?” is like Carl Sagan and the Swedish Chef from the Muppets had a Kryten.

    The autopsy meal bit is very funny, but I see why it doesn’t really get talked about. It feels like it could be some TV or radio sketch with any generic characters substituted.


    Ben Saunders

    “This isn’t a meal, it’s an autopsy!” is a favourite line of mine

    When did Cat learn what an autopsy is?



    Shortly after the events of Waiting For God.


    International Debris

    Why didn’t Lister just go somewhere that had reasonable quality knives and forks (the kind used for meals at the Captain’s table, for example)?


    Plastic Percy

    Why didn’t he use the metal fork he used to eat his curry, or the spoon he used on the dog food, in Marooned?


    Plastic Percy

    Also, I get that he’s using a urine flask to serve the wine in Polymorph, but the laugh from the audience would feel more deserved if it was white wine.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    This guy’s an animal. Doesn’t he know it’s *red* wine with shami kebab diablo?



    What do you want on your cornflakes darlin’? Oh I’ll have some *wine* please…

    (I’m sure there’s an entire G&T article to be written about Lister’s inconsistent feelings on wine over the course of the series.)



    I think the Polymorph beverage is Port, which he’d enjoy because it gets you twatted quicker than a Pinot Grigio.

    Can also be paired with Guinness. Recommended.

    Might even be a Cinzano Rosso, but that brings confusion as his pool nickname and Kryten’s terrible beverage choice line suggest he’s not a fan of the Bianco version of Vermouth at least.



    He’s a confirmed closet wine enthusiast, to the point that he can identify a “cheeky” red.

    The Japanese-style medical-themed dining experience was him expressing his artistic side, he just couldn’t admit it in front of the Cat or to himself.

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