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    Listening to the Dwarfcasts while watching the episodes is (Kevin Eldon voice) a really good idea, but there are a couple of references I don’t get.

    ‘There should be legislation’ (various Dwarfcasts)

    ‘sweeping away’ (Gunmen)

    Where are these quotes from?


    Taiwan Tony

    Sweeping away. That’s Hippies isn’t it. I think.



    I watched Hippies recently but it looks like I need to watch it again!


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Sweeping away is indeed from Hippies – Ray (Simon Pegg) embarking on a long and elaborate metaphor, with props.

    “There should be legislation” is even more obscure, but is a particular favourite of mine and Cappsy’s – it’s from a sketch in the first edition of Lee & Herring’s eponymous 1FM show from the mid-nineties.

    HERRING: It’s tantamount to slavery! There should be legislation.
    THE ACTOR KEVIN ELDON: Slavery *is* illegal.
    HERRING: Well… good.



    I should have got the Lee and Herring one because I live their radio one shows. That is pretty obscure though.

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