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    Nick R

    In the main discussion thread for The Promised Land, one or two people have said that they want to wait until the disc comes out before watching The Promised Doc, the smeg ups and deleted scenes.

    So I’m making this thread here for those who have watched them on the UKTV Play website and want to talk about anything in them that might be considered spoilery.

    Bits that stood out to me:

    In the Smeg Ups, I think Norm gets the funniest line with his reply to Craig: “You’ll be doing it!”

    In the Documentary, the whole section on Robert being ill and replaced with a stand-in. There’s also a bit where Chris briefly talks about the difference between playing Ace Rimmer and playing diamond light Rimmer.

    Not much of note in the deleted scenes – almost all of them were cut for good reason. But we get more of Kryten as estate agent, and I like the cats confidently encouraging the ferals to attack the invincible Lister in gruesome ways.

    Flap Jack

    The Promised Doc is pretty great. I loved hearing them talk about how the characters have grown to care for each other and there was heart in the story, and it was nice to see Norm being so welcomed and appearing enthusiastic to do more Dwarf – even if he did call TPL “the thirteenth series” at one point. Plus, I got strangely nostalgic seeing Howard Burden. Minor shame there was no mention of the musical score, even if they never would have included any Goodall-related gossip

    As for the deleted scenes, I agree that pretty much all of them were justified cuts for pacing reasons at least, though I would have liked Holly’s appeal bit to have stayed in. The only one that felt egregious in quality terms was Lister’s “never take Cat to the Louvre” line, so I’m definitely glad they cut that one.

    I will say that it does feel weird to have almost all of the DVD extras posted online for free, but it feels silly to wait months to watch them. I’m interested now!


    Norm […] did call TPL “the thirteenth series” at one point

    Bobby’s been referring to ‘Red Dwarf XIII’ for months, to be fair.


    Considering the documentary was free to watch, for me at least, I’m not complaining. However, I felt it was pretty bare bones in comparison with XI and XII, and obviously doesn’t hold a candle to X. I question the choice to have the first few words in it be Craig talking about getting a blowjob, but whatever.

    The smeg ups were fun as always, felt like XI and XII with the quick, breakneck editing done in-between the bloopers, which I’m not a particular fan of. “Relative straight-fuck” and the exchange between Craig and Norman were absolute highlights.

    The deleted scenes were all flab mostly, the worst one was definitely the Louvre one, which was painfully similar to the scripted and stilted lines from something like the “Archimedes” exchanges in Samsara where no actual person would talk like that. Luckily the final product was mostly avoid of such holdbacks. I think the best one would’ve been Rimmer coming across the cats holding the others at gunpoint, I and some others were wondering what was taking Rimmer so long to find them in the final cut, which was explained there. Plus, I thought it was funny too, so I could’ve done with it staying.


    Very good smeg ups with Robert in particular on fine ad libbing form. Norm and Craig’s little back-and-forth is the high point though. There’s precisely nothing in the deleted scenes I wish hadn’t been cut, so… good. Haven’t watched the doc yet.


    Everything about this bonus material was fine. The Smeg Ups were fun, though nothing that stands out as a classic. The deleted scenes were justifiably deleted. The doc was quite nice, but I’d have preferred more exploration on the actual making of and less on Robert being sick. They spent an awful lot of time on it and we veered close to another “We’re Smegged” just spending most the doc covering all the ways making it went wrong. That said, there was plenty in there that was enjoyable. Great seeing the cast talk about their relation to the show and each other over 30 years.

    I’m sort of glad they have been put online for free. If I had waited as originally intended for the DVD, I think release day would have been a touch disappointing. I enjoyed watching them together with Veni and Ben and discussing them in real time immediately after having just watch TPL (for the second time in the same night) than I would have done had I waited until June and watched them alone in my pants.

    Ben Saunders

    I was alone in my pants while watching with you, so best of both worlds

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