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    Anybody got anything Red and Dwarfy (or related) for chrimbo?

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to share the skutter model that my brother designed and made me on his 3D printer. It’s got a small magnet and a large base, both with felt bottoms (fnaar etc)… All really rather marvellous.

    Anyway. Anyone else?



    Merry Christmas, Si. And everyone else! I didn’t get anything Red Dwarf-related, unfortunately, but all the same, hope you are all having, at the very least, the best day of your lives.


    Plastic Percy

    Nothing Dwarf related, although I do watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year. Just got standard bloke presents – aftershave, socks etc. I did get the fifth, sixth and seventh series of Doctor Who on bluray but I’ve got to take them back tomorrow as HMV left the security tags in them.


    Pete Part Three

    Well, I pre-ordered the Red Dwarf Blu-ray set from HMV so I could get Die Hard on 4K for £9.99. But I’ll likely cancel the pre-order and get it from Amazon instead when it’s actually released. Does that count? Er, probably not.

    That skutter is fine work. Looks better than something you’d get in a shop.



    I didn’t get anything Red Dwarf-related this year, but a couple of years back I got Craig Charles’ autograph, the VIII scriptbook, and the Log No. 1996.

    This year I got four massive rolls of toilet paper, a nail file, a 1000-piece cat jigsaw and a popcorn machine



    This year I got four massive rolls of toilet paper

    Someone got you the VIII scriptbook again?



    so I could get Die Hard on 4K for £9.99

    This is on my list thanks to my brand new 4K TV I never quite seriously thought I would be able to afford, although because I’m super broke now it may be a little while before I actually have a 4K Blu-Ray player. Thanks to my old Blu-Ray player dying I’m stuck playing DVDs and BDs on my PS4 like a moron

    Oh, for a proper player with a remote instead of a game controller that you can’t even touch without accidentally fast-forwarding. Or having to play Russian roulette when I need to do something more complicated than pausing and have no clue what any of these dozen buttons and triggers is wired for.

    I also grabbed the Sonic Humble Bundle, even though it comes with a bunch of games I don’t care (Lost World, 4) about or already own (my precious Adventure 1 and 2, defining games of my childhood). I wanted to get to modding Sonic Mania, and the Bundle with all those other games was a fair bit cheaper than base Mania even after I went and upgraded it to Plus.

    The downside is now I own Sonic Forces and I feel like I need to confess to a priest.



    You can get Panasonic UHD Blu-ray players for less than £100 now, still a lot but cheaper than an Xbox One S and Christ almighty that thing is a bag of shite in general, nevermind for playing UHD Blu-rays. Hardly bother because the Xbox is so infuriating.


    Ben Saunders

    PS4 is better (my brother used to have both) but tbh neither would be my go-to choice for watching any sort of media, I’d much rather just use my laptop. Even if you’ve got the controller navigation down to a T it’s still very clunky and easy to accidentally fast forward/skip/quit out. I’ve been doing it for years and still when I do it I think “oh for fuck sake.” I guess the Xbox might have Kinect functionality, but nobody in the history of the world has ever used it to my knowledge



    PS4 doesn’t have UHD Blu-ray support though, so for a while the cheapest way to watch them was a One S.


    Ben Saunders

    Oh, to be honest I’ve never even touched a Blu-Ray so I wouldn’t know



    Blu-ray it does, UHD Blu-ray it doesn’t. Different formats.

    Laptops don’t do UHD Blu-ray either as far as I know because of some Intel shite (only works on certain CPUs with special DRM) and they usually don’t have screens that’d take advantage anyway.

    It’s worth it in the end because they look glorious, but there’s always pain with your pleasure.



    The PS4 does have a standard remote. It’s not as good as the PS3 one though.


    Pete Part Three

    Think I’ll cancel that HMV pre-order.


    International Debris

    Having started buying the classic Who BluRays, I should probably invest in a player (and a telly) this year, shouldn’t I? I’m thinking of replacing my CD player with a BR, any recommendations for decent, cheap ones with phono out?



    Think you’ll struggle to see a difference playback wise. I’d just Google Blu-ray with phono out and get the cheapest one



    I remember 15 years ago getting a dvd player for about 20/30 quid and how excited I was. I think the first ones I got were League of Gentlemen and Kill Bill.

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