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    This is a thread dedicated to the children’s author Michael Rosen, who has some excellent videos uploaded on YouTube of some of his works. They are very funny, and you should all watch them!





    If this is actually going to be a proper discussion about Michael Rosen, here’s what I think- he should go into standup comedy. His poems can actually be pretty funny at times and he’s got a lot of energy in the videos where he’s performing them. Just seems like a missed opportunity for him really, I think he’d be quite good at it


    Ben Saunders

    I love the YouTube poops of Rosen. Noice.


    Pete Part Three

    I once sat opposite Michael Rosen on a train and spent the entire journey wondering what his name was, as I recognised him from children’s telly yet couldn’t remember his name. This was in the days before smartphones.

    This is a true, yet fucking pointless, story that has limited relevance to anything beyond wasting my time in typing it, and wasting the time of anyone who cares to read this.

    I think it belongs here.

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