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    Pete Part Three

    Strange. I always heard it as “Velocity” too. See here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTEpiFcn0wI

    Google reckons it’s “Where I’ll Succeed….” , mind.

    They’re both shit, obvs.


    That opening synth sounds fucking terrible, especially since I’ve just heard the wonderful high-quality version of the real thing on the OST.

    pi r squared

    > I was pleased to see in the Howard Goodall DVD feature that he wasn’t responsible for those shit lyrics, and even had a second verse of his own.

    Whilst I have no doubts about the genius of Howard Goodall, I would argue that the “shit” lyrics of Ian Hu’s alternative version are still better than some of the additional verses that Goodall wrote, according to the same DVD feature. Can you honestly say that the Hu lyrics are worse than:

    I’d like to have
    Red blotches on my face
    Make a mess
    Of my nose
    I’d love to peel
    In every awkward place
    Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun

    ‘cos, you know… they’re kind of dreadful lyrics that barely even scan properly,

    Seb Patrick

    Well, “where I’ll succeed” rhymes with “time warp speed” and “velocity” doesn’t. Also, “where I’ll succeed at time warp speed” makes sense as a sentence, whereas “velocity at time warp speed” doesn’t.

    Given how completely and utterly shit and point-missing the added lyrics are, though: “velocity” is probably, therefore, correct.


    Well, “where I’ll succeed” rhymes with “time warp speed” and “velocity” doesn’t.

    “I’m all alone” doesn’t rhyme with “more or less” either. Nor does “drinking fresh” rhyme with “mango juice”.

    Toxteth O-Grady

    I just meant I was pleased that Howard Goodall never wrote *those* synth-version lyrics.
    I probably should have put a full stop before mentioning his second verse.

    Yes, his second verse lyrics are terrible too, but it seems apparent to me that he wasn’t taking them seriously, and likely knew they would never be recorded.
    RD wasn’t his first theme tune, so he probably knew just one verse would be plenty for the end credits of a sitcom. The additional verse may just have place-holder lyrics that he never bothered doing a second draft of.
    Then again, if you look at the normal 1st verse lyrics written down, they’re not exactly Wordsworth either. I think the singer’s performance brings a lot of credibility to them.
    Maybe if Jenna Russell sang Goodall’s 2nd verse it would have have been half-decent. Who knows?
    All I know is I hate the Hu & Lambert version, and the additional lyrics are only part of that hatred. That ending with the repeated chord, alternating between channels, is just atrocious.


    I’ll stick up for the unused words – the Goodall lyrics are deliberately naive, childlike and idiosyncratic, as they are based around Lister’s speech to Frankenstein which is also as such. Combining them with music that is a turbo-powered, sophisticated, well-produced classic pop parody is a deliberate clash designed to contrast the dreams versus reality of Lister’s Fiji plan. The watertight slickness of the finished song represents how Lister’s plan sounds in his own head. The unused verses present more of the same.

    If the lyrics – used or unused – were self-consciously witty/clever it wouldn’t work as a piece.

    Pete Part Three

    >Well, “where I’ll succeed” rhymes with “time warp speed” and “velocity” doesn’t.

    “Velocity” would be drawn out…so “Ve-loci-teeee at time-warp speeeed”, but as Dave says the lack of a rhyme isn’t a deal-breaker.

    That said, I’ve flip-flopped. I’m hearing “Where I’ll succeed” now.

    I’m of the opinion that the singer has a minor problem pronouncing v and w as “ultraviolet rays” sounds like “ultrawiolet rays” to me too.


    Where I’ll exceed /beat/ time warp speed would be better I think.

    This a comment aimed at the past haha

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