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    Someone called Dog Naylon on Twitter said this:

    “Just got back from seeing all new WIP Starbug model and all new WIP Red Dwarf bigature. It’s big!”

    If that’s a proper new Dwarf model I’m really hoping it’s like the original. Although it was absolutely brilliant to have proper new model shots for X, the shortened VIII model lacked a certain… something.

    Paul Muller

    I would imagine this is a new close up section to allow for shots of Starbug leaving It’s hangar.

    For Series X, the bigature was the large scale model used for close up shots.

    You can see some shots of it here:



    Can’t see them doing much with the Dwarf model itself, not after it played such a big part at the XI/XII press launch.


    “Bigature” is a fucking stupid word.


    Oh, so that’s what a bigature is. Less exciting, then. I was really hoping we’d get that nice huge white painted section for the name like the original model had.

    Paul Muller

    I agree that the Series X RD model was a bit front heavy (scoop and nose seemed a bit too stretched out to me), so it would have been nice to have it tweaked a bit. But I’m pretty confident that Mike Tucker & co will come up with plenty of new and exciting stuff – there seems to be quite a lot of off-ship action going by what we’ve heard in the set reports so far.


    Obviously there’s more important things to work on, but I would love it if they changed the Dwarf boosters back to being more like the original model… still hate the VIII-onwards ones….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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