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    Spare Hand One

    Just watched The End: The Original Assembly for the first time. It is obviously, in most ways, not as good as the definitive episode and in some ways better. The opening scene, for example, has more room to breathe, which seems somehow a more mature and less-zany way to begin.

    Its biggest mistake (and this has surely be noted elsewhere on G&T) is probably the “approximately three-million years later” text, which tromps all over Holly’s woofer and the most important reveal of the series.

    Whatever one thinks in terms of where it is better or worse, The Original Assembly really is a gift to fans isn’t it? Absolutely fascinating and so, so enjoyable. Can’t believe I didn’t open this treasure box until now.

    Unrelated to which assembly one watches, I had a new (to me) thought about the line, “Why don’t you hand your body in and let them mark that.” It’s a funny line but it’s also spooky: Rimmer really would be “handing his body in” pretty soon.


    Spare Hand One

    Good line: “It’s your duty to disembowel him.”

    In what we’d now call the “Death isn’t the handicap it used to be in the olden days” conversation, what is the meaning of that line about the President of the United States being dead for twenty years? Is that supposed to be satire or world building or something else? Are we supposed to think that the Prez has been literally a corpse for all that time, that Lister believes the President to be as ineffectual in office as a dead body would be, or are we supposed to accept the fact that the President is actually a Hologram in this world?

    I have the Rob and Doug commentary on now. I don’t think the pedal bin ash canisters look so bad.


    Plastic Percy

    I figured it was a joke about Ronald Reagan being a decreipt old man and looking like the living dead.


    Ben Saunders

    Being six and British when I first saw it I just took it to mean he was a hologram, but it could be a joke about Reagan, despite that not really making sense in-universe. What’s next, jokes about Rupert Murdoch and the recentt FIFA scandals?

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