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    So basically my bro in law asked for the complete DVD of the original series Star Trek for Christmas, so its now sitting in my house. I’m gonna watch a few before I gift it on Dec25 (he wont mind and hey ive got him a bonus Roddenberry vault bluray he doesn’t know is coming cus I’m nice like that.)

    Based on the fact I aint got time for all 79 episodes and three seasons, If you’ve watched it all or are a Trekker as well as a dwarf fan here, what are your reccomendations?

    Ive already seen cage/menagerie, and kahn’s origin, and I’m probably going to watch Tribbles and City on edge of forever, what else is good.

    Any really funny or amusing ones? Best character ones? or best central ideas?

    Whats incredibly dire and not worth the time. name and shame. After all I don’t have time for the star trek crap early in the morning.

    Ive probably got time to check out about half of them. Cheers for any suggestions.


    Ben Saunders

    Tribbles and City, the pilot, and The One Where Captain Kirk Climbs A Rocket are all good



    Just avoid season 3. With a few exceptions it’s mostly poor. Most people single out ‘Spock’s Brain’ as being the nadir, but at least that’s entertaining and quotable B-movie schlock, there are much worse episodes that are just unwatchable.

    I like the inconsistent tone and feet-finding of early season 1 best. Back when the secondary characters actually had personalities and banter, before Shatner’s ego increasingly eclipsed all that. 1 & 2 are full of hits (and misses) though.



    A Piece Of The Action is excellent


    Plastic Percy

    Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Mirror Mirror, The Conscience of the King, Catspaw and Spectre of the Gun.



    Watching Mirror Mirror ah yes the parallel universe one, enjoying it.
    Seen many a beard used since this was written to show an evil twin in sci fi.

    Whats the rocket one? Only have episode titles to hand.

    Piece of the action, gangster look, alcapone? Looks good will check it out cheers


    Ben Saunders

    Assignment: Earth, the season two finale, had to google it lol



    As Warbodog said, i actually prefer the first half of Series 1 best. Mainly because you actually get good character scenes with the secondary characters, and there was a sort of romantic will they won’t they think going on with Kirk and Yeoman Rand before she got kicked off the show. After that point, it’s the main three, and the rest of the cast are limited to ‘aye sir’ and ‘hailing frequencies open’ with the rare exception, like ‘Mirror, Mirror’.


    Plastic Percy

    Toby Hadoke summed up Star Trek nicely:

    “Yeah, Star Trek really painted a positive picture of a fair and equal society in the future – the Russian was an idiot, the black girl was a receptionist and the Chinese bloke was the driver!”



    Not so much a lighthearted comedy episode, but my all time favourite is “Let that Be Your Last Battlefield”. I’d seen pictures and heard the basic concept for the episode beforehand and really wasn’t looking forward to it. Seemed like a stupid idea and I could instantly guess how it was all going to resolve itself in the most cliched and predictable way… but I was wrong. It doesn’t do the predictable conclusion I had assumed it would. Really great episode.

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