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    Paul Muller

    Hi, I’m Paul Muller, you might remember me from previous forum posts in which I bang on at length about Red Dwarf’s various model effects work whilst you smile politely and look at your watch.


    Steve Howarth has updated his website with an absolute bumload of photos of his work on RDX, including a thorough tarting up of the main ship model, construction of the ‘bigature’ section and another gallery on the SS Trojan.

    If you have a spare 11 or 12 hours then I’d recommend taking a look at Steve’s exhaustive documentation of his excellent work on the series.


    Right, I’m finished, you can go back to discussing plots, jokes, Chris Barries’ hair, Ghostwatch or whatever else it is you people are interested in.


    Wow, just briefly skimmed through, I’ll have to fully dive into it once I’m not on the company clock…. =) I’ve always loved stuff like this, Thanks!

    Danny Stephenson

    Cracking find. I’ve been after good hi-res model shots for some months now, and now i have some really good reference material.

    Cheers man!

    Kris Carter

    Awesome. I’ve just spotted bits of Transformers Armada Megatron in there…

    Danny Stephenson

    I wonder how many toys and bits from iconic ships were diamantled in order to create greebling…


    Lovely work, I used to pretty good at scratch-building but I’m far to blind and shakey handed now (symptoms of a true wanker)

    Strangely, given my life long penchant for all things sci-fi, I never went in for spacecraft though, mainly trains and ships.


    The boosters on the Trojan are toy binoculars! Didn’t they work well?

    Actually the whole design of that ship is lovely.


    >The boosters on the Trojan are toy binoculars! Didn’t they work well?

    Not really, the ship had to be towed.

    Kris Carter


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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