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    Only an idiot, would base their perception of life, on something they saw in a sitcom. Something written by young writers most prone to taking the piss, or having imagination so sizeable they invent programmable viruses etc. Written in part at a time when they weren’t perhaps worldly knowledgeable themselves also being young. But I think it’s also fair to admit I am an Idiot a fair amount of the time.

    “When you’re younger you can eat what you like, drink what you like, and still climb into your 26″ waist trousers and zip them closed. Then you reach that age, 24-25, your muscles give up, they wave a little white flag, and without any warning at all you’re suddenly a fat bastard.”

    I think this Rimmer speech is responsible for a latent belief I was carrying that certainly post the age of 30, your skin wont snap back easily anymore or your a bit beyond hope physically making any changes after that age point. Never mind that I was a fat bastard before 25 anyway, and mostly too lazy to ever fix it before serious health issue. As I reach the point at 43 of achieving 7 stone weight loss this week, mostly through diet changes. I realise all the more what a load of nonsense that statement is, and of course Rimmer is a total Smeg head so his talk is codswallop anyway.

    But have you ever taken something from the show at face value as foolishly?


    International Debris

    There’s a lot of truth in that statement – the older you get, the harder it is to eat crap without putting on the weight or feeling ill from it. I used to eat a diet almost entirely based around sugar, carbs and fat, and since hitting 30 it’s resulted in my putting weight on. Since dieting I’ve lost a lot of that weight again, but when I do have the odd binge I put some fat back on and sometimes feel sick. The body gets resistant to shovelling shit into it.


    Ben Saunders

    Yeah I was gonna say, metabolism is a thing that exists and while it is a joke it’s definitely a genuine observation. Good for you for losing weight, and of course with enough willpower most people can still do it, but it’s not something they made up



    Get your hormone levels check including testosterone, thyroid, cortisol if your struggling to lose weight. You may have an underactive thyroid or low testosterone.

    If not try and give up caffeine. I did and discovered it raised my cortisol levels making me feel hungry and feeling the need to binge. Do it very gradually though. The withdrawal symptoms showcase how caffeine fucks with your system.

    I noticed at DJ last year there was a group picture and literally everyone was fat. Now as we head into our 40’s I’d be inclined to do something about that because other wise G&T may not exist in a few years……..


    Ben Saunders

    Remember to always follow unsolicited weight loss guidance you read online x

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