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    This was on ebay a few weeks ago, and the description was factually dodgy, so I was curious as to who had this.

    Said he worked their in the 90’s and was given this after the model was destroyed so seems to think it’s the OG Dwarf not the remastered bridge, and the remastered bridge was only taken off the ship in time for series X so many hmmms were uttered by me.


    Seb Patrick

    From the colour it certainly looks like it’s a piece of the Remastered ship from prior to its RDX refurb. So while I don’t doubt that it’s possibly a legit piece, the description certainly seems dodgy.

    And legit or not, that is an utterly ridiculous price, as good a piece as it is.



    A while ago I’m fairly sure I saw the model of the original Blue Midget on eBay…but surely not, because wasn’t that taken apart and turned into that shuttlecraft from the flashback in Ouroboros? Maybe it was just a replica somebody had made or something, but if it was it was incredibly accurate

    This definitely looks legitimate I guess, but why is it so expensive? I don’t think anyone just has over £1000 lying around that they could spend on a piece of old model


    Seb Patrick

    That Blue Midget is a replica, if it’s the one I’m thinking of – it’s been posted about on the TOS forums.


    Pete Part Three

    So when will the Blue Midget page be updated?



    That blue midget model was awful. Definitely not the original.

    The original can be seen at various I assume sci-fi conventions. I’ve seen pictures of both scales on a table with Starbugs, ore sample pods etc nearby so I assume Mike Tucker / the model unit has them.



    From Telford Scale Model World 2013



    From unknown event, but together, and with the prop builders



    Hi guys…I’m actually the person selling on eBay….any questions anyone wants to ask fire away.



    I worked as a uni placement work experience (did model making course at uni) and did some work on Noel’s house party….making gunge and a few other prop pieces in the special defects department in bbc television centre. After working in the main workshop that day…I remember a lot of the technicians were working on robot wars robots. Anyhow after a long day, one of the senior technicians told me I’d done a good job and reached into a large black plastic dustbin that was filled with parts from the red dwarf model…he handed me it and said that I could have it as a keep sake. (We didn’t get paid for our work experience!!!)



    I actually found the script from Noel’s house party they gave us all I can probably work out the exact date I got it from that



    The date on the script was 12/12/1997



    It’s from the remastered model though, so it must be a duplicate part of the bridge because the original was on the model until 2010. That’s where the confusion arose from.

    Interesting if there were multiples though, wasn’t aware of that previously.



    Well I remember the bin being full of bits from the ship..I mean full to the top!!!.can’t imagine they duplicated every part…very interesting…thanks for the info



    On the eBay listing there is a pic where it’s two photos next to each other…the left one is very clearly the exact same part…down to the placement of tubes and other bits…what is that a picture of then? I thought (but I’m not an expert) that the newer ship was all cgi….was I wrong?



    The ship with that bridge was built for the remastered project, so was probably made in 1996. It’s definitely of that ship, the original Red Dwarf model was build by The Magic Camera Company, and was much more organic and had nothing resembling the bridge of the remastered “pencil” Dwarf, it was also a lighter colour.

    There was another Red Dwarf model build to replace the MCC one (which fell off a shelf) but that was a replica of the original albeit with different details.

    The pencil model was meant to be filmed for remastered but it was 12′ long and was too large for the soundstage and the motion control camera so a hastily made CG one was used.

    The remastered model was filmed once, as a test shot for a movie, and then stored until Red Dwarf X where it was refurbished, and the midsection with the bridge part you have one of removed. This was around 2011, so that’s why it seems you have a back up.

    It’s interesting, maybe they intended to damage the model in an episode and needed a replacement to fill with pyros. It might be worth reaching out to one of the guys that built it to find out more.


    Captain Star

    The Bridge section was missing from the Remastered model long before the Series X resize. The part in question is absent from the “Movie” test shot, along with a few smaller parts.

    In the test footage the model has an unpainted “T” footprint where the bridge stood, with a piece of replacement gubbins on top (the film is also flipped, so its on the right side on screen)

    Its possible that the part/parts fell off & were added to a box of useful kitbash salvage from the original 2 models.

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