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    Ben Paddon

    Well, this is a nice development.

    I’ve already seen “Cured” thanks to Tunnelbear, but I think I’ll use Britbox starting next week.



    My attempts with Tor successfully allowed me to watch the advertisements, but the episode failed to ever load. Congrats on thinking of a better idea.



    Tunnelbear wouldn’t work for me. (It kept sputtering, and refused to buffer.) I’m more than happy to pay for Britbox. Less thrilled about waiting until the broadcast date. WHAT AN AWFUL CONCEPT THAT IS


    Ben Saunders

    VPNs (that you don’t pay money for) and Tor especially are incredibly slow, and not suitable for streaming video at any sort of quality. I had to use Tor once to watch the Mythbuster’s pilot and it took about two hours to load an hour of footage.



    My VPN worked just fine except for two, maybe three sputters, but even then only because my computer was going to sleep.



    Got my account. Seems to work well and there’s a decent selection of stuff here! Not great…but decent!



    The big draw for me was the nearly complete Only Fools and Horses. I’ll get around to Inside Number 9 at some point and Alfresco too. Oh, and all of Blackadder of course.



    I’m excited to dig into the library a bit more. If I liked drama more than I do, I’d have much more to choose from, but I’m not complaining.

    Also I’ve never seen a single episode of Doctor Who, but this seems to have loads of classic stories. I’m open to suggestions. I’m planning to start with some Tom Baker stuff, but…there’s a lot to go through, so feel free to direct me as you see fit.



    As far as I can tell it has every classic Doctor Who story up to 1989. I watched the Douglas Adams ones!



    The first classic episodes I ever watched were Tomb of the Cybermen (Troughton) and The Green Death (Pertwee) and I’d totally recommend those as a starting point. The Mind Robber is another classic Troughton story which everyone should check out if they haven’t.

    As for Tom Baker, I would recommend watching his entire run from start to finish (yeah it gets a little ropey toward the end of his 7-year tenure, but still…).



    Well that sounds bloody marvellous. Shame that actual British people are blocked from watched the British TV shows :(

    Would love to watch the Classic Who – any suggestions where I can do that (legally)?


    Ben Saunders

    Tomb of the Cybermen is good but 60s Who is incredibly slow going, I wouldn’t start with The Green Death, The Mind Robber is good and the Douglas Adams stuff is incredibly hit or miss.

    I’d start with City of Death, maybe. Just look up a “top ten episodes of classic doctor who” and pick the one that most interests you, that’s what I did.


    Ben Saunders

    Tom Baker’s era is mostly fantastic, but it does start with Robot, a holdover from the Pertwee era which isn’t all that good, and Revenge of the Cybermen, which is cack. Occasionally in seasons 15-17 the show becomes the Tom Baker Comedy Half Hour and a hollow shell of what it once was, but then Season 18 is a huge step up for his final season. Much of the Davison era is fantastic too, but there are a few turgid dregs in every season of Who, honestly.



    Thank you! That’s all very helpful.

    For a more timely variation on the question: what classic Who stories are appropriate for Halloween? I may shotgun a bunch this weekend.



    The Daemons with a Terror Of The Zygons chaser.


    Ben Saunders

    The Daemons very much so. I might go for The Seeds of Doom. Or, if you’re fancying something a little more light-hearted than the very bleak Seeds, you might go for The Chase.



    For Halloween, you could pick your favourite classic horror story/film and see if they homaged it in the Tom Baker years. The Brain of Morbius = space Frankenstein (maybe my favourite of them all, with some references if you like New Who), State of Decay = space vampires, there are lots more.


    By Jove its holmes

    Don’t watch The Curse of Fenric with Chelsea pensioner Sophie Aldred, though…



    Forgot about Morbius – yeah, Daemons and that.

    State Of Decay is vampire themed but rubbish.



    Pretty disappointed in Britbox. I’m paying for the service because they said episodes will be available the day they debut in the UK. As of right now, they still just have Cured. If they can’t do same-day uploads, so be it. But if they advertise that they will I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be disappointed when they don’t deliver.

    I don’t like pirating things, but when the official alternative is to pay a subscription fee and still not get to watch…well…

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