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    Stabbim the Skutter

    I couldn’t be the only one watching Rick and Morty this week who was reminded of “Hand pick up the ball” with Morty’s big giant arm, could I?

    Also, Quote Mode gave me serious Kryten vibes.


    Oh, is that a thing now? I vaguely remember something about Szechuan Sauce.


    “God damn it Morty…. Y-y-y-you’d lose a battle of wits with a stuffed iguana, Morty!”
    “Aw, geez rick… what is an iguana?”


    And that’s how you turn any quote into a R&M Quote.

    “God damn it Morty, switch to R*belch*ed alert, Morty”
    “Aw, geez Rick, That mean’s changing the bulb”


    Person to Person with Bird Person

    Jonathan Capps

    What is Rick and Morty I have never heard the entire internet fuck on about it before.


    It’s the American Reeves & Mortimer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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