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    Just had a video come up on YouTube, posted a few years back and the guy has a few hundred subscribers but it’s of the space station which would eventually be cut up and repurposed for the SIU station. I remember on the extras the CG artist guy says something like “we got a model and cut it up a bit and changed the scale, and I think there was a city in the middle or something”.

    Very strange to find some random blokes Blender model video from 2014 on YouTube and notice it was in an episode of Red Dwarf.


    Originally called the Utopia Grand.


    That’s so fascinating lol, just the idea where the gang are standing a giant city was originally.


    I remember pointing out the Universe was an alien because it’s an intelligent entity that wasn’t born on Earth, and _somebody_ just responded “Well the Earth wasn’t born on Earth either but that doesn’t make it an alien” as if that isn’t missing the point so hard it shoots off the table into somebody’s pint of beer. Then nobody else noticed the post or ever expressed the same thought again.

    Red Dwarf has an alien in it.

    It does now.

    Come on.

    It does.


    As Rimmer said, “Says you.”

    Could easily be a senile AI or whatever.


    An AI that’s not from Earth?

    Alien innit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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