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    Hello folks!

    You may remember that I mentioned I had finally found a job (hurrah!) and that it was mainly because of the online work that I did for the fan club. Well I’d really like your help if you can spare me some time :o)

    I’m working for a charity called See the Difference, we’re due to go live on the 23rd of March and need a decent sized online community in place to test the website before we officially launch in April. This is my main job at the moment, building and maintaining the numbers.

    See the Difference is about making giving to charity a more transparent and satisfying experience. Once the website is live you’ll be able to watch videos and see the specific places, people and things you can help change. You can choose which specific project you want to give to and then you will actually get feedback from that project/charity so you can See the Difference you made.

    Anyway, you can help me in a couple of ways. Firstly I need to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page, so if you like the sound of us and/or know some people that you think would be interested then please recommend us!
    Secondly, I launched a mini challenge this weekend to try and get people to be a bit more involved…

    CHALLENGE: Tell us about a piece of music/song which has made a difference to you, if you’re feeling particularly musical we’d love you to post a video of you performing it. Whether you’re a singer, musician, if you play the spoons or any other inanimate object go for it, get creative! Our fave submission will win a £20 Play.com voucher so you can top up your music collection :oD You have till 12noon Tuesday 16th Feb

    So if anyone would like to submit an entry – either written or in video form – then that would be lovely. Don’t forget to say why you chose the song. We’re all about the story, you see! Thank you for your time :oD

    We’re on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/seethedifference.org
    and Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stdifference

    (Oh… and I’m aware that the acronym of our name is StD. Smirk at will!)


    Joined, Mailed all my facebook friends and changed my status. Seems interesting, good luck with the launch.


    I spotted you on there, thank you very much indeed :o)


    I was too busy and I missed the deadline. Best of luck with it all. I’ll have a look at the Facebook stuff.

    >if you?re feeling particularly musical we?d love you to post a video of you performing it

    Sing The Difference?


    >I was too busy and I missed the deadline. Best of luck with it all. I?ll have a look at the Facebook stuff.

    No probs :o) and thank you!


    I try and do a new challenge every Monday, so stick your head in now and then and see if you’d like to join in :o)


    I *know* that there must be some James Bonds out there in G&T-land ;o)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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