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    Apologies if this breaks the Spoiler Policy – wasn’t sure as it’s technically info straight from Dave, albeit removed after a short time. Won’t post the full details directly here just in case.

    It looks like a list of episode titles & descriptions for the upcoming series was briefly posted on the Dave website recently and then taken down. Thankfully, Google cached the content and it can still be seen here:


    (Apologies again if this goes against the rules – please feel free to delete the topic/remove the link if this is the case!)


    Someone at Dave made a boo-boo?? Though I’m sure this info will be out there soon enough (some of it has already been officially revealed), it is still spoilerific so the details of it shouldn’t be mentioned here, yet….

    Though one thing I have to say…Episode 6 has the worst title of any Dwarf episode in the history of Dwarf episodes. Episode 5’s title, on the other hand, how has it never been used up till now?


    >Episode 6 has the worst title of any Dwarf episode in the history of Dwarf episodes.

    Not if it means Lister has to regularly check Cat’s poop.


    Episode 3 sounds the least interesting.

    Ian Symes

    We were made aware of this earlier today, and have spent a full six or seven hours debating what to do. As has been pointed out, it’s clear that this was posted by mistake, and that the production don’t want us to know this information yet, but on the other hand: hey, it’s out there now.

    I think what we’ll do is leave this thread here, but locked, and would politely request that any discussion is kept away from G&T until the information is officially released. At which point, we’ll post it to the front page, analyse the shit out of it, and invite you all to do the same. But we’ll just pretend it’s not there for now, and we’d like you guys to do the same.

    Ian Symes

    Today’s news update was a huge surprise to us all. Keeping this thread locked, as there’ll be discussion opportunities on the front page shortly.

    Jonathan Capps
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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