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    Paul Muller

    Hi guys,

    Bit of a promotional plug but think it might appeal to the sci fi fans amongst you.

    The sci-fi adventure webseries I was working on last year is now back in development after a bit of a hiatus. ‘Infinite’ focuses on the crew of the experimental starship ‘Prototype’ as they embark on a dangerous mission into the heart of the black hole which is threatening to devour the solar system.

    I’m working as concept artist/designer coming up with ideas for sets, props and interfaces. Needless to say Red Dwarf is a huge influence, especially when it comes to incorporating Ikea cutlery trays into wall panelling.

    They need to get 10,000 subscrbers on Youtube to secure proper funding for production costs, set construction etc. It’s a bit of a huge target but you can do your bit by popping over to youtube.com/infinitewebseries and subscribing. Please check out the existing trailers and behind the scenes videos as well to get a good idea of where it’s headed. There will be some new character trailers coming out in the next few weeks as production resumes.

    Thanks a bundle.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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