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    The flu fucked everyone over and the war was still fresh in people’s minds. Should they have just skipped over it and picked up again from 1920?




    I liked the Treaty Of Versailles episode.

    Of course then you had one man slag it off and suddenly it is The Gunfighters all over again.


    You know when you’re having a nice day and then someone mentions The Gunfighters


    The Gunfighters is brilliant. As is The Treaty of Versailles.

    But oh no, Jeremy Bentham and Adolf Hitler had to come along declaring them terrible and everybody believed them.


    I’ve just Googled Jeremy Bentham and discovered his relationship to The Gunfighters. I generally keep as far away from Who fandom as possible so had absolutely no idea about this. My opinion on The Gunfighters stems from trying to watch the story on DVD, which was one of the least pleasurable things I’ve ever attempted in the pursuit of pleasure.


    You’ll be slagging off the year 1919 next. Slippery slope that mate.


    The moment when Rob Grant tells Robert Llewellyn that he can’t watch any Red Dwarf after Series 6 (Doug Dwarf):

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    1914-1918 were the height of the show’s myth arc, and the last few episodes of 1918 wrapped up the story nicer than you could’ve possibly hoped for. It really shows that the writers didn’t want or have any intention to continue with 1919 until they were forced to. I mean look at it, tired old thing about war-devastated Germany that doesn’t have any gunfights or chlorine, what a total snoozefest. However I’m really glad it existed, because things really picked up again in 1920 with the prohibition arc the show had been teasing in earlier seasons but kinda forgot about when the nationalism stuff kicked off. 1922-1927 truly were new classics.

    Should they have just skipped over it and picked up again from 1920?

    Fucking duh.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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