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    KRYTEN: 67 minutes!! I’d better get out of here!

    I found it funny but the audience doesn’t.

    Good joke? And if so, why did the audience not laugh?

    Stabbim the Skutter

    Probably one of those cases where it’s the fourth take or so, so they don’t laugh as much as if they hadn’t seen it before. Like the “It’s an old old story…” routine in Camille – there were at least three smeg ups for that one and the laughter was much stronger the first time. Then there’s the “So what is it?” scene – that was actually performed over and over again and the audience laughed, but we’re just seeing the same clips of the characters talking over and over again. In that case, it’s more effective in my opinion, because it’s a surprise when you realise they’re repeating themselves.

    Tanya Jones

    As a veteran of sitcom recordings, it could well be because of a re-take (although laughter can be used from another bit of the soundtrack), or perhaps because you watch the episode in separate bits, so a joke which depends on the culmnative effect of something often doesn’t come across that well. Also, it could just be that it wasn’t heard properly by the audience, who are in a big studio full of distractions.

    Sometimes the laughter track is put lower in the mix, due to the director not wanting laughter to overshadow the joke (hello, Graham Linehan!), but I don’t think many directors are that anal in sitcom land, generally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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