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    If you’ve never checked out the Red Dwarf Smegazine comic strips before, or you want to read some again (for some reason) without searching through the issues, I’ve taken the scans uploaded by other people to archive.org and collected each series, to give the sense of reading a really unlikely trade paperback.

    Download them here (Mediafire).

    You’ll need a CBR reader (Windows) to read the zipped files. Sorry if this sort of copyright infringement isn’t allowed.

    – Episode adaptations (The End & Future Echoes) – 90 pages
    – Red Dwarf strip (original stories) – 163 pages
    – Back to Reality universe (Jake Bullet & Duane Dibbley) – 49 pages
    – Novels universe – 50 pages
    – Ace Rimmer – 34 pages
    – Mr Flibble – 18 pages
    – The Inquisitor – 12 pages
    – Androids – 21 pages
    – Misc comics – 17 pages

    None of them are exactly classics, but I think Nigel Kitching & Steve Noble’s Back to Reality ones are interesting, and their envisioning of Red Dwarf USA (in Misc) is funnier than the real thing.

    Mr Flibble has to be seen to be believed. There might be someone out there who finds the stretching of the Androids/Neighbours gag into a relentless monthly serial absolutely hilarious.


    These were the first time I remember really experiencing The End and Future Echoes. When I saw them properly a year or so later, I was struck by how different it actually looked.


    I always like the Bullet/Dibbley strips, too. Thought that the crossover was great.


    It’s been a while since I’ve read any of these, but I remember really liking the strip set during VI where they find Red Dwarf with all the crew alive again, only for it to actually be the second Polymorph from the ending of Polymorph. Arguably a better sequel to Polymorph than Emohawk ever was, and a better “the crew are alive again” story than the whole of VIII


    My Future Echoes experience went novel > reading about it in the programme guide and companion > partial Smegazine strip > remastered on VHS > proper on DVD.

    I found a complete set of Smegazines hidden away at the local comic shop in 1998/9 and slowly bought all of volume 2 and a few volume 1s over the course of a few months before losing interest or deciding the rest probably wasn’t worth my saved school dinner money any more. That was when I hadn’t even seen half the episodes and didn’t have access to any of I-VI at home, but I had bloody Young Flibble and stuff on tap. They’re technically more nostalgic for me than most of the series, just for having been there. But it’s VIII-level nostalgia that isn’t really comforting.


    Fans today don’t know they’re born, with their wireless and that.


    Seems strange that they didn’t release them as a graphic novel/trade at the height of Dwarf merchandise in the early 90s. people would buy “the log” but not that?

    Ben Kirkham

    What software would you recommend to open them with?


    Comic Book Reader (or simply rename to .zip (for .cbz) or .rar (for .cbr) and unzip as a folder of JPEGs. Trade secrets I’m spoiling there).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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