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    Paul Muller

    Very nice.

    I do think that Back to Earth bunkroom set is quite underrated. Lots of nice detail and (although I can obviously understand why they got rid of it) – the giant window was a nice touch that sold the idea that they were actually in space.

    The X/XI/XII one is great but I like the delineation between the clean-ish living quarters and the grimier industrial areas of the ship.


    Ben Saunders

    BtE bunkroom was pretty impressive but it did look like it was made out of plastic and all of the computers were stickers. The X/XI/XII ones look much more real.

    Cool concept, I would have been all over that shit say, three years ago.



    The one thing that annoys me about the BTE room is that sticker for the computer screen. Though it looked great in stills but was surprised when I saw the show and it wasn’t an animated screen!



    They probably decided it wasn’t worth the expense paying for an animation for a computer screen that would only been on screen a couple of minutes out of the whole of BtE.

    I really like the bunk set as a set, but think it’s a little too white and sterile for Red Dwarf. Sort of reminds me of 2001, or the TOS Star Trek movies, where everything is sleek and lacking in character a bit.

    It doesn’t have that submarine feel Red Dwarf should have for this big, old, bulky mining ship.



    the BtE bunkroom looks much more like a place somebody might actually live in though. the X-XII bunkroom looks too industrial imo, it resembles an engine room more than a place human beings would sleep in.


    Plastic Percy

    I figured that the white BTE bunkroom was the re-rebuilt ship’s version of the Officer Quarters from III – V.

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