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    I don’t mean to annoy anyone by being all “promotey”, it’s just I received this very nice message on facebook, from Ki Stanshall, promoting the late great Vivian Stanshall’s (and her’s!) English Comic Opera Stinkfoot, asking… Well I’ll just copy and paste the message.

    “To yoooo,

    This is me, Ki Longfellow-Stanshall, contacting you in somewhat
    supplication. T’would be awfully nice to have an audience for the 4
    nights we’re doing the songs from Vivian’s and my musical MD’s by the
    formidable Mr. Peter Moss, one of Vivian’s few true blue friends – thick
    & thin. Lots of thin. But also lots of thick. Always was with V.

    If you’ve any contacts I could do an interview with, with a view to
    alerting folkses to our concerts in late July – I do a good interview, I do.

    Have you see this?


    Always assuming the best for ALL, Ki”

    I’ve read Stinkfoot, and it’s beautifully wonderful and brilliantly strange. I am a HUGE fan of Vivian Stanshall, and I haven’t done anything to promote it myself at all except join it’s group on facebook, and I feel hideously guilty that I can’t actually make it to the production (at least that’s the situation at the moment).

    Basically being an unemployed 21 year old ex-schizophrenic (as ex as schizophrenics get), I’m not in the best position to help them, but I’m hoping someone here will be able to…

    I apologise if this I’m waffling on too much, but I do so love VS’s work and the song he wrote which was released on the 2007 Bonzo album (Now You’re Asleep) haunts me in a very lovely way, and I would feel like a complete arsehole if I didn’t do ANYTHING at all.


    I’m a huge VS fan & I’d love to see this …. If only the dates didn’t clash with DJ. :-(

    Tanya Jones


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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