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    I can’t find it for the life of me, but I really want to get another look at that blatantly fake synopsis that got spread around in the build up to BtE, with Holly and fucking aliens involved.

    It’d be nostalgic to me. That’s how long it’s been since VIII was the most recent Dwarf.



    Oh, and wasn’t there a Polymorph involved?


    Paul Muller

    Don’t remember this, but would be interested to see it. Someone posted some fake XII synopses on TOS the other day, apparently from the ‘Japanese Blu-Ray’. Totally bogus even at a glance, but it fooled a few people. I think Seb’s taken them down now.



    I’d hardly call 20 November ‘the other day’, But here they are, – Seb definitely found no reason to take them down. In fact, it appears he found the joke decently funny.



    It was pretty clearly a joke, wasn’t it?

    ‘Pervanoids’ is great though, even better than the Brittas gag.


    Paul Muller

    Ah, right, yes – I only spotted it the other day, then couldnt find the thread when I checked back yesterday, so assumed it had been nuked. Anyway, the point is…actually there is no point. As you were.


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    I nominate this thread for Hall of Fame status.



    I’m noticing that this link no longer works. Given that this is imperative to the operation of the brand new shiny Hall of Fame, I think it’s important that the updated link be provided so that people can still read this important piece of history.

    Silly Seb. You and your new forum.


    Ben Saunders

    I remember an old synopsis for the movie, and a poster as well – were they legit? It was something about simulants hunting down the last of humanity.


    International Debris

    “RED DWARF THE MOVIE is set in the distant future where Homo Sapienoids, a fearsome combination of flesh and machine, and the next stage of human evolution, have taken over the solar system and almost wiped out the human race. The only survivors are the crews of long-haul space freighters that left Earth before the conflict began. The Sapienoids send forth fleets of Death Ships to hunt them down. One by one – the human ships fall, until only one remains. Its name – Red Dwarf…”


    Pete Part Three

    It was too legit to quit.

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