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    Well, I’ve recently taken to researching and writing pointless blog posts to distract myself from current events, and as this one is Red Dwarf-related I figured I might as well post it here. Hope that’s OK.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Huzzah and hurrah. Lovely work.



    Yes indeed, very nice. Just the kind of thing that odd sods like us enjoy studying.


    Ben Paddon

    This project clears up some lovely memory issues I’d been having about VIII – I was sure I’d seen it air before I went to stay with my dad in Los Angeles for three months, age 13, but in recent years I’d become convinced it might have aired later in ’99 than that.

    Of course, I could’ve checked TOS, but sod that. I’m lazy, and this project is fascinating. Well done.



    Beauty. I read it last night, but had to sleep before I could respond. Totally brilliant. A recommended read for the very few who will actually ever look at this thread.



    Lovely work. My memories of the way the last two episodes of VIII were messed around with for overrunning sport don’t seem to chime with what Genome says (obviously last-minute cancellations wouldn’t appear), so now I am doubly confused and meaning to look into it…

    Fond memories of that 2000 repeat run of IV that came out of nowhere – though I’d seen it once before on UK Gold, it was a surprise opportunity to get a really nice VHS copy.

    Also remember being pissed off at the 2003 repeats as I’d just forked out £60 for a job lot of secondhand VHS to tide over the reigniting of my Dwarf obsession with the fact the end of the DVD release schedule seemed a mile away. And there they all were, on TV, tapeable…

    More thoughts – were what happened to Craig Charles in 1994 to happen now, Red Dwarf would not only have been dead, you’d never have heard from it again. Exoneration or not.



    Thanks for all the nice comments, really glad people find it useful.

    Darrell – I’m intrigued, what are your memories of the VIII first broadcast?



    I have an indelible memory that the Pete Part Two Sunday repeat was bumped for overrunning sport (either golf or snooker, but given that I loathe the former and like the latter my 1999 rage levels – still accessible – would probably point golfwards), and only actually got repeated AFTER Only The Good had already gone out, and the actual Pete Part Two repeat, similarly unscheduled, was on – at best recall – the Saturday after it, possibly after/around/instead of a Buzzcocks repeat? That definitely happened in some form/order but the specifics and how it could definitively correct what Genome says is eluding me. It’s definitely part of the reason that the Only The Good repeat had such a gap before it – they went out of synch.

    Obviously, as Genome doesn’t include schedule changes I was trying to piece it all together for my earlier post… and I got even more confused, as there is NO scheduled sport that night (but then, I also remember being confused then as well because there was no indication why RD wasn’t on). Unless something overran to an unplanned extra day on 4/4? Way of checking papers for the 5th? Any “Man In Shit Jumper Wins Impromptu Golfing Festivities” headlines?

    I need someone else or two to chime in here as I’m getting paranoid about my wonky, nearly-two-decade-old memories. It only affected me at all because I wasn’t at my own home when the original broadcast of Pete Part Two went out, hence I couldn’t stick it on the E240 in its rightful place.

    God, do you remember the sheer *frequency* that golf and snooker would rip shades of shit out of the BBC Two schedules? In the days when Two still put out lots of comedy, that was an *endless* annoyance, completely lost to a history that will use Radio Times listings as a framework…

    I am reliving this in such detail that I’m getting depressed about it. The pre-internet 2.0 world was shit, never let anyone say otherwise.


    Pete Part Three

    I think it was tennis for VIII.



    Hmm. If that *was* the case I’d expect there to be another listing for a Pete Part Two repeat somewhere on Genome saying “Postponed from April 4”, and there isn’t.

    There DOES, however, seem to be another repeat of “Only the Good…” that I’d previously missed, so I’ll add that in now.



    Right, there has been a FURTHER thrilling update, as I’ve just spotted that the 09/11/03 repeat of “Timeslides” was actually cancelled. Do let me know if you think there’s any other corrections to be made.



    My biggest memory of Pete was that a dancer from my performing arts course quoted the Rimmer shaped blur line. Years later a guitar playing friend of mine said his favourite episode was Pete the dinosaur.



    If it was indeed Sat 10th when the rescheduled Pete Part Two repeat aired, it wouldn’t necessarily have made the listings – the following week’s listings (from 10/4) would have been published the Tuesday morning after the Sunday one was cancelled – if they hadn’t given it a slot immediately within 24 hours it would never have appeared in print at all.

    This is the sort of thing we need INFAX for…



    Cwickham Marooned was broadcast on BBC One Wales rather than BBC Two Wales due to local programming. It was a different day too.



    Remastered I should of said. I captured the ident.



    Thanks for this, I’ll update the article now.



    It’s really interesting seeing how rare TV shows were repeated even as recently as the late 80s and early 90s. It would be interesting to see if any of the early Satellite channels repeated Series 1 before the repeat run, or if the second airing of a later series wasn’t a BBC airing.



    Series 1 was actively blocked/embargoed for future use from 1988-1994. I often wonder about the exact reasons that Rob & Doug finally relented.

    People point out how odd the scene in Cassandra is where Rimmer asks what Future Echoes are, but most viewers had only known for 5 years max…!



    This blog post does not have anything to do with Red Dwarf, but it may still be of interest to some people here, and they may also know of any corrections or omissions to make, so I will be a bit cheeky and link to it:



    This is wonderful.



    Nice. The specific reason The Cartridge Family was dodged by Sky initially was uneasiness too soon after Dunblane. Ironically, they did broadcast a clip of its most contentious moment regardless as part of the X-Files episode ‘The End’ in which it can be clearly seen and heard on a TV screen.



    Doesn’t “The End” open with a man being shot through the head with a sniper rifle?

    But yeah, I guess Homer completely nonviolently aiming a gun at Marge’s face while trying to do a cool pose with it is much worse.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    No, it opens with a man fixing a chicken soup machine.



    Scully thinks it’s a 14B.



    (‘The End’ is also an episode title of The Goodies, Supernatural, Lost, Absolutely Fabulous and Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you’ve ever wondered.)


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    According to TV Tropes, Quarantine, The Beginning, Meltdown and Out of Time are also amongst Dwarf’s most common episode titles.


    International Debris

    Twentica, however, is the runaway winner in ‘most commonly used episode titles’, featuring in a staggering nineteen other sitcoms, plus seven dramas, as well as being the name of a little-known New Zealand soap opera from the late 1990s. It was also the working title for the Beatles’ eventually untitled ninth album.



    I’d just like to say I’m pretty sure I’ve just written the single most niche article that will ever appear on the Internet:




    I’d just like to say I’m pretty sure I’ve just written the single most niche article that will ever appear on the Internet

    This makes me concerned over my level in interest.

    Nice article.

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