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    I got to thinking last night – isn’t it about time we had a new update of the Programme Guide? There’s the 30th coming up, and there’s been 21 episodes and eighteen years since the last ‘Revised Edition’.
    Just pray that if there is a new version, the cover logo design is better than that bizarre thing on the front of the 1994 edition.


    Bruce Dessau hasn’t updated The Official Red Dwarf Companion since series 5. Lazy.


    And it wasn’t the fountain of all knowledge to start with.

    Ian Symes
    Pete Part Three

    1/3 of that book was great. 2/3 of it was an A-Z, which I don’t ever glanced at.

    Plastic Percy

    Some of it was a bit inaccurate, but almost Hitchhikers Guide ‘definitively accurate’. Like claiming Bodysnatcher would be the final episode of the first series and Rimmer would go mad and try to build a new body using parts from Lister’s, culminating in Kochanski returning as a hologram.

    Still, I remember getting the third edition (with Blue Midget on the cover) as a birthday present when I was about 11 and reading it on a cold day in January, travelling down into London.

    Nick R

    The authors really seemed to have it in for Smeg Ups.

    I wonder what they thought of the way blooper reels subsequently become a staple of DVD bonus features? I like to imagine them picking up DVDs in MVC, then angrily discarding them when they discover “gag reel” listed amongst the extras.


    I met Steve Lyons once at a Doctor Who thing. Didn’t mention this though as he looked pissed off.

    By Jove its holmes

    Steve Lyons always looked pissed off. Ditto Ian Levine.

    John Hoare

    The Programme Guide had loads of weird ideas. They were weird at the time, and they’re weirder now.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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