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    Toxteth O-Grady

    Noticed in the DVD commentary that the cast keep mentioning the episodes were filmed “15 years ago”. That DVD was released in late 2002 so that seems about right.

    So the release of the first DVD will soon represent the middle point of Red Dwarf’s history.

    Feel old?


    Fucks sake what

    Ian Symes

    Huh. G&T turned 15 years old a couple of days ago. Red Dwarf doesn’t reach 30 until February. G&T has covered more than half of Red Dwarf’s history.


    There have been 73 episodes of Red Dwarf including XII, and G&T has been around when 21 of them were first broadcast, meaning G&T have covered 28.77% of the original broadcasts of all Red Dwarf.

    Ben Paddon

    Cripes. Red Dwarf I was the first DVD I ever bought. I didn’t even own a DVD player at the time, but my sister got one for her birthday, so I watched it on that.

    I still have that DVD, actually. It’s sitting very proudly on my shelf. It’s gotten a lot of love over the last god-has-it-really-been fifteen years – I occasionally toy with the idea of replacing it.

    Pete Part Three

    Aw shit.

    Seb Patrick

    When XII has been broadcast I will have been working for GNP for basically a quarter of all released Dwarf episodes. Which is a bit mental.


    Here’s more ‘how did that happen’ brainworms:

    There are as many Dave episodes of Red Dwarf as there are episodes of Porridge.

    There are *more* Dave episodes alone of Red Dwarf than there are episodes of the following hits considered to have had ‘good innings’ – The Likely Lads (original), Black Books, Game On, The Inbetweeners, Count Arthur Strong, Rev, The Trip, Mr Bean, Gavin & Stacey, Bottom, Miranda, The League Of Gentlemen (until Christmas at least on that one).

    With the broadcast of ‘Officer Rimmer’ last October, Red Dwarf’s episode count surpassed that of Only Fools And Horses.

    If there’s a full length series XIII, Dwarf will have more episodes than its main influences Porridge & Steptoe And Son combined.


    More RD factoids:

    Red Dwarf has the same number of letters in its name as Porridge, but if you count the space between the two words as a character then it has one more.

    With the transmission of “Backwards”, Red Dwarf surpassed Fawlty Towers in terms of the number of episodes broadcast.

    If you watched every episode of Red Dwarf back-to-back in one sitting then you’d probably be really tired by the end.


    Back in 2009 in the 24hrs leading up to the first transmission of BTE pt1 I engaged in a Rad marathon over on the TOS chat room. It was bloody brilliant, and lots of people joined in, with some dipping in and out as they had work and such.

    But we got through every episode to that point in about 24hours. I think we only stopped for 30mins at one point to allow people to freshen up, get a proper meal rather than just eating snacks etc.

    And yes by the end of it, I at least was really tired. The hardest part to get through was series 7, because you’re 16+ hours in and hardly anything is making your laugh. Series 8, as crap as it was, was a welcome relief from that 4hr dark hole and livened us all up a bit. Plus we knew we were then mere hours from BTE and New Red Dwarf.

    After getting over that hump I was wide awake and the sorely disappointed by what that first ep of BTE delivered. I immediately met some mates, went and got a curry and had a few beers before collapsing into bed a few hours later having been awake for around 36hours.

    Fun times.


    There was me thinking I was mental for watching a series a day for the eight days before it was on.

    Ben Saunders

    When Back to Earth: Part One was broadcast, me, my brothers and my dad were in the middle of tearing my room/wardrobes/carpet apart and refurbishing my entire bedroom. We stopped to watch Back to Earth on a tiny grey television sitting atop a table on a naked wooden floor covered in splinters and nails. I enjoyed it, but the lack of audience laughter took a while to adjust to, and ironing sneezes, while mildly amusing, wasn’t a strong enough gag to open with after a decade long absence.

    Good times.


    Red Dwarf I was the first DVD I ever bought. I didn’t even own a DVD player at the time

    Ditto. Watched mine on my brother’s PlayStation.


    I was, unfortunately, too far into cynical viewer point by the time ironing sneezes came on. The first joke of the story got the response “how has he lasted on a curry-only diet and avoided tomatoes?” from me.

    Pete Part Three

    The last time I attempted a Red Dwarf marathon was on VHS in about 2000, when making the most of the fact there were 52 episodes, I decided to watch an episode every Wednesday, every week of the year.

    I got to about October and gave up for some reason.


    Provided 1988 to a new series airing in 2017 can be counted as 29 years, (and i dont see why not when dr who is counting beyond 50 years already) red dwarf has gained 7 years on the cancelled Last of the summer wine, which ended in 2010, and if they can make a series in 2025 in just over another 7 years, red dwarf can take the title of longest running uk adult prime time sitcom. At the same time it would be worth shooting Pauline Quirk to avoid Birds of a Feather catching them up on this title.

    Of the longest running british shows of any kind that have achieved more than two decades or more passing with episodes still happening, red dwarf is the only one that has crossed over with at least four of these, after airing episodes or sketches that cross with Coronation Street, Children in need, university challenge, and birds of a feather (the latter by virtue of appearing alongside that shows cast in a comic relief rendition of bohemian rhapsody which began with that Jewish Trollope singing alongside Linda Robson and the late Pauline Quirk)


    At the same time it would be worth shooting Pauline Quirk

    In fairness I can’t think of any situations where this *isn’t* the case.

    Ben Saunders

    I thought for a moment that claiming Red Dwarf was “running” in the 00s is a bit rich, but then I realised I fully accept the idea that Doctor Who has been “running” since 1963, despite both of them being off-air for a decade at a time.

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