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    It turns out that the shop is shit. Late shipping, wrong and omitted items posted, and little to no correspondence with where they are up to. Has anyone got what they ordered on here?


    It’s in keeping with XI’s retro aesthetic that it throws back to the ‘classic’ shit Red Dwarf shop from ten years ago. Also, if it carries on like this, it’s going to continue XI’s theme of abrupt endings as well.

    The fact everyone’s had so much shit trying to buy anything off it has been the sole reason I haven’t bothered (and I *really* want that JMC T-shirt). I held off as all the “shipping October” nonsense really threw me, but now it’s looking like they haven’t even got that as an excuse. The extortionate postage combined with absolutely top-whack prices isn’t much of a comfort either.

    Can they not just ship it all to Forbidden Planet or something and let competent people sell it to us instead?


    Sandbag are fucking awful. I bought a CD on 10th October, had to get in touch with the label who eventually got through to Sandbag. CD arrived yesterday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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