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    By Jove its holmes

    Just re-watched “The Dance”. Whoever in the studio audience that wolf whistles when the camera cuts to (then 18 year old) Alyson Hannigan in her pink rose dance dress hopefully was not a much older adult.

    This episode also has one of my favorite lines from Mary Sue (about Chuckie Lee doing the disappearing handcuffs trick on her): “This had better work, boy. Or you’re going to wish you could make yourself disappear!”

    Since The Torkelsons is now a cult classic, i’d like to see an in-character reunion special produced by Disney who own it. One problem.. dead cast members… although “Boarder Hodges” will have definitely died by this point even in the show’s world.. how would they handle “Molly Morgan”?



    Alyson Hannigan was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which made a Red Dwarf reference once, in case anyone was going to claim this had no relevance.

    Thanks for describing what she was wearing in unnecessary detail so we know how annoyed to be about someone leering over her.


    Plastic Percy

    Whoever that whistler was, the internet will have him fired and publicly shamed in an hour.



    made a Red Dwarf reference once

    Although Andrew also claimed to have every episode of Doctor Who. Which he obviously hadn’t.


    By Jove its holmes

    About my opening post… anybody else right now hearing that old Tom Hanks SNL sketch about support groups for dangerously addicted Mr. Belvedere fans?

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