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    i was watching Tikka to Ride Xtended the other day and it bothers me how in the ending lister gets 3 and a half tons of curry but there is no rice. what kind of monster doesn’t have rice with their curry?
    admittedly i might be biased as i really like rice and in fact am eating some while typing this (it’s plain white rice) but surely nobody has curry on it’s own with no rice?





    Seb Patrick

    Unless the curry is especially runny I often skip the rice and just have naan.

    If you like curry as much as Lister, the rice is really just a waste of stomach space.



    >Unless the curry is especially runny I often skip the rice and just have naan.

    but surely you would need an excessive amount of naan bread to mop up all that curry sauce?

    unless your naans are really absorbent or something, idk.



    You leave my Naan out of this!


    Flap Jack

    I consider Lister’s happiness with eating carb-less curry meals to be a contrived plothole deus ex machina, and so hereby disavow Red Dwarf as a naturalistic nutrition-based docu-drama.



    Rice is nasty. It has an awful texture about it and its purpose is to either taste like shit or to dilute spicy food for people who ordered a dish they couldn’t handle.


    Ben Saunders

    That description is correct for boiled rice. But then you have egg fried rice, fried rice, pilau rice, pudding rice. All very nice.

    Also I’m so convinced we’ve had this exact thread Bebe, the opening post gives me a rather uncomfortable feeling of déjà vu.


    Dollar Pound

    rice is over


    Plastic Percy

    Shouldn’t we ask Taiwan Tony?



    Lister is also known to just have curry without the rice on other things, pizzas for example, and just a glass of it in the morning.

    I’m sure there’d be a crate of pilau somewhere but in order of importance to Lister it’d probably be Curry, Lager, more curry, poppadoms/rice (curry delivery vehicles)


    Seb Patrick

    >but surely you would need an excessive amount of naan bread to mop up all that curry sauce?

    Not if it’s a thick enough curry – I just eat it with a fork.



    I used to order chicken tikka masala and garlic naan with no rice from the local Indian and it were bloody lovely. I’d also get poppadoms, chutneys and onion salad (salad, salad… in the kidney bowls)



    Considering the detail of the description of his meals in Tika, it’s looking pretty rice free.

    Thursday. Always the same meal: three poppadoms with mango chutney –
    Those little onions –
    Dill pickle –
    That day-glow green mint sauce that just doesn’t wash out –
    The red stuff that no-one knows what it is –
    Then a shami kebab starter –
    Followed by a chicken vindaloo, kamikaze hot, with a fire extinguisher on stand-by.
    And two scoops of kofi ice-cream.
    And two indigestion tablets. <LISTER sighs heavily>

    Also … no naan.



    It’s kulfi ice cream. I had it once and wasn’t impressed. Very bland.


    Dollar Pound

    no rice



    Clem, maybe you’re meant to eat that ice cream with a flavourful rice?



    >It’s kulfi ice cream.

    I’m just copying shit from a script website.

    In all honesty, I always thought he said coffee ice-cream, which confused me. Sounds nice, but hardly a common flavour.



    I’d always assumed it was coffee ice cream, which as a kid sounded really weird so thought it was just a joke on Lister’s weird tastes.

    Now I’m older (obviously, as time in linear) and I bloody love coffee ice cream.

    I’m actually disappointed to discover it isn’t coffee ice cream Lister is scoffing with his curry.



    It’s coffee and a naan.


    Pete Part Three

    I’ll take the Golden Grahams, please.



    >Rice is nasty.

    surely not, rice is delicious. sometimes i will just eat huge bowls of plain white rice and its great



    Are you all over it like white on rice?



    Butter chicken with rice and naan is fucking delicious, and you need it all in your mouth at once.

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