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    Paul Muller

    Fuck all that chat about racist vending machines, poorly written female characters and Chris Barrie’s hair – let’s focus on the important stuff – RDX’s daringly lo-fi but pretty lovely model effects sequences.

    This thread is probably worth keeping an eye on, as Neil Ellis and Steve Howarth seem to be supplying a steady stream of BTS photos of the various models used in the series.


    Most recently he’s put up some shots of the SS Trojan under construction, proving once and for all that as long as you have sufficient imagination, you can achieve some pretty rad results by supergluing together some bits of old toys and a couple of pairs of binoculars.

    Lovely stuff.

    Danny Stephenson

    I really should be looking in these forums, they look like a feast of information and insight into the props from Dwarf. If I remember, was it you Paul who posted the links to the Red Dwarf ship bits and the Starbugs?

    Paul Muller

    I’m afraid so. I just find that sort of thing interesting in an incredibly geeky sort of way. I do a bit of SF modelmaking in my spare time, and it was Red Dwarf that got me into it in the first place.


    >a couple of pairs of binoculars.

    Wait… not the nacelles?? That’s genius!


    Actually they weren’t binoculars but rather this:


    When I contacted Steve asking about the Trojan Model, I wrote a little post about it. Any other geeks out there may find it interesting:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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