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    I watched the last episode of it last night. Does it make more sense if you’ve seen the rest of it? It freaked the fuck out of me. I needed that fuck for… personal reasons. Has anybody watched more then 50% of Twin Peaks on here? I’m in David Lynch-obsessed mode at the moment, though I have to admit I hated Dune and Inland Empire bored me, although The Elephant Man was good, and Eraserhead was okay. So erm basically my question is “is there any point in buying the Twin Peaks DVD or would I still just be as confused and freaked out as I am right now?”

    Thank you for your pity.


    It’s David Lynch. You’re meant to be confused and freaked out.


    Weird one Twin Peaks. I watched most of it when it was aired. Then I missed a couple of weeks on holiday and when I returned, I just didn’t know WTF was happening. I always meant to catch up and never got around to it!


    Erhm… Why *would* you watch the last episode of anything first?? Twin Peaks is awesome, but I’m not sure you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of it now. Spoilers, dude.


    In fairness, there’s nothing worse than getting into a show and being let down after years of following it because of a shite ending. At least you know what to expect [cough]BSG[/cough]


    Love Twin Peaks…paid a fortune for the Gold Box Set (just a couple of years after wasting 80 quid on the earlier set), but the extras were worth it – particularly a short film/interview with Lynch, McLachlan and Madchen Amick.

    And yes, anyone who watches the last episode or Fire Walk With Me first has ruined it for themselves entirely. It is a mystery series, after all.

    John Hoare

    I watched the first season, and it instantly turned into one of my favourite shows ever.

    Unfortunately, the second season *still* hasn’t been released in the UK (rights issues, I think). I should just import it, really – although I think I’d have to see all the first season again to remember what’s happening…


    I enjoyed Twin Peaks when it was aired, but that was so long ago that I must be overdue for a re-watch.
    I love his movies. Mulholland Drive is up there with my favourites.

    It’s odd to think that when Twin Peaks was aired you either had to figure it out for yourself or remain permanently baffled. These days you just google it and let somebody else explain it all for you. Zero effort.
    Which is a shame, because there’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be had in trying to work it out for yourself. It’s half the fun.


    I’ve just watched the odd episode here and there. First time I watched it I didn’t like it that much. But later I was intrigued. I think my attitude to the surreal has changed somewhat as I’ve gotten older. Smeg, I liked the ‘just because we can’ little musical number with the serial killer in Kingdom Hospital.

    Danny Stephenson

    Funnily enough we’ve been analysing the Twin Peaks score at uni just this week! it’s brilliant!


    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is the worst film I’ve ever seen! Admittedly though I haven’t seen the TV series so I had no idea what was going on and lost interest after a very short amount of time. Blame my media studies teacher. For some reason he decided to make us watch it despite the fact you obviously need a lot of context and prior knowledge to be able to understand the film. Still. I hated it. And anyway, it scared me.


    I forgot about this thread. I watched the first episode the other night too. I think I can fill in the blanks for myself now and it’ll make much more sense than actually watching it, probably (not that I didn’t find it emotionally…stirring? I don’t know the phrase for that…).


    Emotionally stirring is a phrase that covers it.


    That’s probably the key to understanding everything that Lynch has ever made: watch the first and last ep, or first and last 5 minutes of the movie, and fill in the blanks yourself. Simples.


    First series – Brilliant
    Second series – Flashes of brilliance when Lynch directs. Unfortunately this mostly serves as a reminder of how good this series could have been if he had had a greater involvement.
    Fire Walk With Me – The most underrated of all Lynch’s films. Utterly stunning

    To paraphrase, well worth watching. Top programme, but dont get too excited about the 2nd series

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