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    Spare Hand One

    Off-Topic: This was pretty good wasn’t it? They wouldn’t let it lie.

    On-Topic: Was it my imagination or did I spot one of you G&T lot in the audience, sitting next to the bloke who got thrown out for his Babycham observation?



    It was the boy Symes.



    I actually found it slightly disappointing. There were a few funny bits but it often felt quite lacking in laughs (and I say that as someone who loves Vic & Bob usually), and it was all a bit low-energy. Maybe that’s to be expected as they get older.

    It was fun to see the return of old favourites like Graham Lister, and I’ll always like silly gags like the wig stuff, but it didn’t really capture the spirit of the old Big Night Out stuff for me, somehow.


    Ben Saunders

    Bob Mortimer is terrific on Would I Lie To You. The exasperation from David Mitchell talking about how every single ridiculous thing Bob has ever put to them have all been true is quite something to behold.

    I liked Vic on Brainiac.



    Yes, Bob is brilliant on WILTY. His most recent appearance was great.



    Count me as another one slightly disappointed in it. Just felt underfunded and underpowered, and all the CGI stuff didn’t gel at all. I thought the tour was life-affirmingly brilliant, but even the bits they reused for this fell on their arse.

    I’ve spent years for them to be given another proper sketch show but it needs more than just shoving them in a studio smaller than Countdown’s and hoping that the production value will magically appear on its own. The BBC’s current solution to needing to commission more comedy seems to be slashing budgets down to ludicrous levels, so rather than testing the creativity of programme makers to get modest budgets looking *huge* on screen, commissioners are now mainly concerned with just getting something passably transmittable delivered. When all the old-school producers and directors end up retiring, there’s going to a be a huge skills void and productions, especially comedy, are going to fall apart left, right and centre. I think Red Dwarf’s lucky to be on Dave.



    I thought it was great overall, but what you’d expect to be over far too quickly (‘half an hour? That’s not long enough!’) almost dragged at times. I enjoyed the stuff taken from the live show just because it gave me the chance to enjoy it again. But I think that if you’re doing Big Night Out, go the whole hog – Oh! Mr Songwriter, The Man with the Stick, and stuff like Tinker’s Rucksack and Action Image Exchange.
    Oh, yes, a bigger stage, definitely.

    However – still thought it was brilliant. I’ve rewatched it twice.


    Spare Hand One

    It was the boy Symes.


    I didn’t know about Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out until it was being reviewed in press, so didn’t experience any kind of anticipation. I didn’t know if it was going to be a full-on tribute/special for Vic Reeve’s Big Night Out or if, simply, the title was a reference. In real time, I enjoyed it very much. A lovely one-off treat. Didn’t see it as particularly part of the original series, despite the Novelty Island/Graham Lister stuff.

    The one thing I did NOT like was the lack of an apostrophe in the set.



    I’ve already made a comment about this here:



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