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    According to gazpacho-soup.com Twentica had 810,000 viewers in its dave showing.

    Now obviously it had been on UKTVPLAY a week in advanced so alot of people likely watched it through that so we could probably guess if it wasn’t for that its possible it would have been over a million viewers anyway but i do wonder though has new Red Dwarf really lost viewers since the old days of BBC2?


    Well, since the old days of BBC2 there was a decade with no TV output at all, a move from terrestrial to multichannel, the advent of catch-up television and an explosion in the number of channels available. It’s not really surprising if it’s lost viewers.

    Here’s a totally pointless thought: when Red Dwarf VIII started broadcasting, Dave was four months old and still called UKTV G2.


    Actually, ‘Dave’ originally launched in October 1998 and was called UK Gold Classics. It then changed to UK Gold 2 in April 1999. It wasn’t until November 2003 that it changed name to UKG¬≤ and then again in March 2004 with the UKTV corporate rebrand, it changed name to UKTVG2 and then finally Dave in October 2007.

    So, when Red Dwarf VIII was on BBC 2, Dave was called UK Gold Classics. 3 days before “Only The Good…” was aired, the channel changed name to UK Gold 2.

    Stephen Abootman

    Pretty good figures across the week of airing, 1.38m for Twentica & 1.34m for Samsara.


    Ben Paddon


    Stephen Abootman

    Heh, that was supposed to be a link but I done goofed.


    Including Dave Ja Vu, the consolidated figures are in line with the second half of Series X.


    Clearly it needs to be axed and replaced with ‘Cooking In Prison’. Or a new scifi-based reality show ‘Blast Off! On Benefits’


    Clare Grogan – Living with Spina Bifida.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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