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    Oh why! Oh why! put shows like Dr Who on the tv, when there not gonna make anymore hyperdrives of red dwarfs, dew to low ratings, dont make sence.
    Dr Who is for kid and it always will be for kids – what a load of shight that show is.
    The only reason it as the ratings is dew to the 5 to 8 year olds watching it!!!
    Make me the head of the BBC ill soon take that shit of the air!!





    Pete Part Three

    rimmer, there.



    Was that an advert?


    Tanya Jones

    Don’t you love people who don’t bother to read forums?




    New Red Dwarf is confirmed.

    There’s also stuff in the news sections of this site. I won’t post links, they’re easily accessible from the home page. Have a look around there’s plenty of news/speculation and more speculation about.

    As for Hyperdrive being no longer available… I think that’s a good thing. (I didn’t hate all of it, it even made me chuckle on occasion, but I found it strangely painful.)

    As for other British Sci-fi it’s possible Star-Hyke will be out soon on DVD.

    I wouldn’t really class Doctor Who as a kids show either, more a family show. And there’s Torchwood which is certainly adult (although it could be better.)

    And welcome to the site.


    Pete Part Three

    >Was that an advert?

    An advert for what? Euthanasia?



    The all-new spelling of ‘shight’



    >The all-new spelling of ?shight?
    Indeed. Would love to comment further on the creative use of grammar and spelling, but won’t.
    Not to mention gratuitous punctuation!!!!!!


    Zombie Jim Undead

    I nominate this thread for hall of fame status.



    I nominate the original poster for retroactive abortion status.

    Actually I think it’s just a troll. Don’t feed the troll.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    No – feed it. Feed it well.









    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    I nominate his face for the hall of LAME.



    I’m sure I join everyone here in welcoming ‘rimmer’ to the Ganymede and Titan forums, and wishing that he/she contract cholera in the very near future.


    Jason aka Smeg4Brains

    I have one thing to say: “bum hole”.


    Pete Part Three

    “So what is it?”
    “I’ve never seen one before – no one has – but I’m guessing it’s a bum hole.”

    etc etc


    Zombie Jim Undead

    You don’t suppose it’s the REAL Rimmer…do you?


    Tanya Jones

    The real Rimmer would have used correct grammar and spelling.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    It has become clear, to me, that he, wouldn’t.


    Zombie Jim Undead

    > It has become clear, to me, that he, wouldn?t.



    Zombie Jim Undead

    In awl seryussness, why dose Tuchwood get un televisions?


    Maek me to de head of BBC WALES!! I fink I am hubviusly kwalified.


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    I think you’ll find it’s spelt GHEEEY.



    isn’t that bbc waylz?!!!!


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    no that would be LLLLLL.



    >The real Rimmer would have used correct grammar and spelling.

    “After intensive investigation, of the markings on the alien pod, it has become clear, to me, that we are dealing, with a species of awesome intellect:”



    either that or you’re channelling Marie Birch



    >Was that an advert?

    >An advert for what? Euthanasia?


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