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    It’s been discussed that most series of RD have distinctive color(s) across them, often the ones on the sleeve (reverse side for the new ones), such as X being very, very distinctively red and XI having a bit of a darker blue shade across it. Do you suppose that XII will remain very blue due to the nature of filming sequence, or will it be of a different color?


    Phobos And Deimos

    Flaming pink with glitter edges.



    XI and XII seem to be teal and orange respectively, the universally recognised palette of lazy grading.



    If you violently splatter blue and orange paint across a canvas there’s a 55% chance you’ll accurately recreate a screencap from Star Trek Into Darkness.



    > the universally recognised palette of lazy grading.

    How insightful.



    I’d love to see the DVD with a science room shot, lighted greener than this time round.



    Looking at the two XII sets which wound up in XI from what I’ve read/seen (Starbug 19 and the Twentica bunk room), I could, in all honesty, very well see it as green, orange, white, or gray.



    Well, white seems reasonable after Cured. I must say, it’s quite unfortunate we haven’t seen much of the predicted pink.



    I’m going to go with some sort of Green. Red and Blue repeated themselves for X and XI, would make sense to continue the same pattern






    Apparently, the answer is “less blue than XI but way better lit than X”.



    Colour shouldn’t matter, everyone’s the same.



    Apparently, the answer is “less blue than XI but way better lit than X”.

    Oh, fantastic! That’s my favorite color!


    Plastic Percy

    The colour will be Brown Dwarf, Craig Charles.



    This what happens when you fall in with the Mirror to push series XII.


    International Debris

    Cured was very white, Siliconia was mostly a golden yellow. Perhaps we’ll have a nice spectrum of colours on the reverse DVD sleeve.




    the ” series overview ” section is colour coded and seem to match the dvd releases…. ish

    and there is one XII … although it could just be a placeholder / guess.

    wikipedia is the font of ALL knowledge ….


    Renegade Rob

    Series I: Red —> Series X: Pale Red
    Series II: Blue —> Series XI: Pale Blue
    Series III: Green —> Series XII: Pale Green?

    A pale off-green is my best guess, with the green coming from the wall of the Starbug 19 interior, which makes sense because (Can of Worms excepted), the Starbug 19 interior is the big new featured set of XII that sets it apart from XI.

    Watching Siliconia though (SPOILERS), there are multiple displays of dazzling bright yellow ships of a color not seen so far in the DVD’s (Series IV’s beige doesn’t really count as yellow).



    We’ve also got the green glow of Hitler’s quarters.


    Renegade Rob

    I didn’t realize it the first time, but when Lister and Hitler are jamming, that’s inside Starbug. I thought it was Hitler’s room too at first, but it’s the Starbug 19 interior. Which makes more sense when Rimmer pulls Lister aside and they have a sidebar in the Starbug cockpit.



    The Starbug deck looks very different to how it did in “Can of Worms” – consequence of not being a standing set, or part of the redesign between XI and XII?



    What was the hallway the rest of the crew appeared in?



    I would presume it leads into some other section of the Bug. Maybe it’s the airlock.



    consequence of not being a standing set, or part of the redesign between XI and XII?

    But that scene from Can of Worms was a reshoot on the XII set. The original version from the night was basically just filmed in front of two walls with “Starbug Upper Deck” printed on one of them.

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