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    Spare Hand One

    I sometimes wonder about the Starbug model given as a prize on TV gameshow “Whatever You Want.” Like, does it still exist in the fan’s house (or even some other fan’s house?) and, if so, does it have pride of place in the living room or is it boxed up in the attic?

    I decided to search G&T for clues today and I found that the gameshow was in fact included on the VIII DVD as an extra feature, which at least confirms my rather old memory of this show upon broadcast – i.e. that it actually happened and wasn’t a dream.

    So – anyone know the fan who won the beautiful Starbug?

    As I sit down to post this question, I’m also reminded of the fan interviewed at Dimension Jump for the Smeg Outs video. He had a lovely collection of Dwarf merch in the boot of his car. I wonder if he’s still a completest after so much merch came out in the early 2000s? And indeed after every Dwarfer’s faith was tested during the post VII-hiatus, VII, VIII, the great hiatus, and BtE?

    So – anyone know the collector?

    Are these two fans are even among our G&T number?


    I believe the same model was sold at the charity auction during Dimension Jump a few years ago.

    Ian Symes

    Starbug guy is a man called Rob Burgess, who did indeed donate it to DJ a few years ago, and came along to that DJ.

    The guy with the stuff in the back of his car (which was from the A-Z, rather than Smeg Outs) is David “Mr Merchandise” Flett, who’s still a regular at DJ.

    Spare Hand One

    Cool! Impressive that all of this is known. What a lovely, cohesive fan community! Cheers Ian.

    Seb Patrick

    I’d love to hear from the Universe Challenge fans some day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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