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    As you can see from this screenshot of Episode 2, Series 3 ‘Marooned’, one thing that has always bugged me was why the CSO in this shot never worked. Even in the Remastered version, it was never quite fixed properly, why is this?


    Kris Carter

    I think the story goes that they were supposed to key in a shot of the cargo bay there. but I guess due to the lighting (look at the blue overspill around the edges) they couldn’t key it out properly, and the best they could do at the time was to whack that grey backdrop in.

    Even ReMastered struggled fixing because the camera was handheld, and that was the big problem at that time.

    I’d guess nowadays the shot could be fixed, but it’d still take some doing, what with the crappy matte lines and the blue colouring around the edges that’d need re-colourising.

    IT’S ALL PART OF THE CHARM, etc etc.


    Pete Part Three

    Here’s my entry to the competition.


    Pete Part Three

    Or, er, here because that shitty image site doesn’t allow direct linking:



    Kris Carter

    Er, what-AAAARGGHH



    Is it me or does Craig look drunk?







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    Pete Part Three





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    Plastic Percy

    Craig probably was drunk. He says as much on the commentary, how he remembers Red Dwarf III in black and white due to him and Danny being hungover from nights out at the Hacienda, or as they did for Red Dwarf II, going to all sorts of weird places like shebeens in Moss Side with Norman Lovett.

    The Re-Mastered DVD attempts to patch this up with some footage of blinds on the window opening and closing to reveal the cargo bay, but the camera is almost constantly moving so it wasn’t possible to keep the edit neat. They had the same problem with the stars in the sleeping quarters – they only move when the camera is stationary.

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