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    I only suggest this as recent a tweet from Doug/Richard mentioning watching a run through of XII and today Richard’s tweet about the amount of swearing in the smeg ups for said series bleeped out etc – which sounds like they are putting together the features for the DVD already.

    Bobby did tweet or something early in the year that XII would be broadcast in January 2017. Which was denied by Doug I recall.

    I just don’t think we’ll be waiting until next Autumn for it. The latest could be March next year. But I’m going for February.

    I mean why wait? Is it really going to sit on the shelf sounding near complete for a year?

    I think we will get an announcement Christmas time.


    For Christmas DVD purposes alone, I’d still put my money on September again. A lot of the XI publicity has centred around it being ‘event’ telly and you can’t do event telly twice in six months. Plus, the mobile game’s level release pattern seems to indicate a deliberate two-month-an-episode pacing leading up to XII a year later.

    Saying that, the similarly double-banked Taskmaster has followed soon after itself, so what do I know.

    Stephen Abootman

    Doug said a couple of weeks ago “No official date yet but it’s likely to be a year from now. :(”

    I think the best that we can expect is an early September start for maximum Smegtember based promotion.


    Oh have you got a link to that tweet?


    If UKTV’s digital distribution team have anything to do with it, it’ll be available to download within the week.

    Stephen Abootman


    Oh smeg indeedy.


    At least we’ll have hours and hours of extras to comb through befo- oh

    Nah, it’s not at all surprising. I’d imagine they would have looked at the various dates and at least the possibility of doing it sooner, but given the positive reaction of XI I’d imagine UKTV want to make the most of it by spreading it out. We had a whole summer of hype and I reckon they’ll do that again. It’ll also help it be perceived as XII and not XI.5. I’d honestly love it to come in the spring but realistically can’t remotely imagine it.
    Plus, it allows the option of filming XIII and XIV in the same way next winter and having a new series four years in a row.


    I’m happy to have it in October again.


    Makes sense since Doctor Who has moved back to spring.


    Series XII should be put out as a DVD only release.


    I personally don’t think they’ll greenlight any more until they see how both series have done cumulatively from a distance. They’ll need to see if new RD has momentum outside being an occasional ‘event’, plus how well all the merchandise, repeats, game etc pan out across a year and a half.

    If there’s a XIII on in 2018 I will be astonished. It’s worth not taking it for granted yet that there will be one at all – XII will be the first RD series not to be a notable novelty of the whole Dave era, and the show needs to prove its tenacity beyond big publicity campaigns for ‘comeback’ stunts. I genuinely hope that XII will be a big hitter, but there’s a small part of me worried because it’s sort of new ground, as yet untested in this climate. XII is the first series since the best part of forever that doesn’t have an angle to sell it on. “They’re back!!” has died a death now XI has aired…

    XIII needs to have grander designs on the modern entertainment landscape or else it’s going to look like a spectacularly ordinary proposition.


    I just worry that XII will be Greatest Hits – Part II. Series XI is unashamed in cherry-picking from the first six runs and as much as I enjoy it being back, it ain’t making me think or laugh to a large degree. Once the novelty wears off, XI & XII are gonna look like celebrations more than an attempt to move Red Dwarf forward.

    I foresee XII being the last, then a live show and by then your main cast are going to be into their seventh decade.

    Nobody wants to see that, surely?


    I mean why wait?

    Why not? Why spunk their load and then have nothing in the bag for the foreseeable?

    It makes WAY more sense to air in Sept/Oct 2017, that gives them time to try and get XIII (and maybe even XIV) in motion, ready for airing in 2018. I’d far prefer a regular autumn slot for the next few years, rather than watching it all now and having nothing until 2018 or beyond.


    I want them to reach Red Dwarf XVIII, just to see what the logo would look like.

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