DwarfCast 111 - Book Club #1: IWCD (Part One) featured image
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Hello, and welcome to the inaugural edition of the DC/BC. For those who are about to re-read the Red Dwarf novels at a set pace and discuss each part with the community, we salute you. Join Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps and Danny Stephenson as they embark on what has already turned out to be a bigger undertaking than first thought, as they pick the bones out of Infinity Welcomes Careful DriversĀ Part One: Your Own Death, and How to Cope With It. Was McIntyre literally carrying his nose in a Mimas Hilton Coffee Lounge napkin? Was Bliss this book's Chekhov's false water pistol? How many times can we make obvious Hitchhiker's comparisons? All these questions, and more, not actually answered in any meaningful way.

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