DwarfCast 107 - Duct Soup Xtended Commentary featured image
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If we have to watch the shit bits, then you do too. In the first of a two part series of taking another stab at an abandoned commentary from years ago, Danny Stephenson, Ian Symes and Jonathan Capps dig into a tepid bowl of Duct Soup. So, put on your best bed sheet, grab a tin of pineapple chunks and ensure there are at least two opposing players between you and the goal at the moment the ball is played forward as we discuss the only time in Dwarf history that the crew gave a shit about what Kochanski thinks, Lister's various phobias and more.

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Xtended Revisited: Duct Soup featured image

Welcome to our continuing series Xtended Revisited - taking a look at the differences between the broadcast and Xtended versions of the popular science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf. This time, we take a look at Duct Soup - an episode which not only contains problematic gender stereotyping, but also portrays Lister as a homophobic little shit.

You know the drill by now. Each section is transcribed, with Xtended material presented like this, followed by any technical notes, and then my opinion as to whether the extra material works or not. (Predictions on a fucking postcard, please.) Let's get to it.

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