Those of you with access to digital/satelitte/cable can hear Craig Charles’ voice, commentating on a Japanese game show called Takeshi’s Castle, mid-mornings on Challenge TV.

It truly is awful. It’s a Japanese version of It’s A Knockout, but without the joy. Craig does his best, bless him, but he clearly has no access to documents which explain what is going on. He also seems to be watching the programme for the first time, so he bumbles and makes mistakes quite a lot. As the on-screen writing is in Japanese, he doesn’t have a clue who the contestants are or where they come from. Well, they do show a flag, but Craig often fails to recognise them. He also thinks that Mexican people speak Esperanto.

The games are also fairly terrible. They all follow the premise of ‘get from one side of the course to another without falling in the water’. And of course, Craig doesn’t know any of the rules, other than about them not falling in the water.

It’s still worth watching, although don’t expect to be impressed.

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