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First up, a bit of a scoop for G&T due to friend of the website Karl Eisenhauer. He noticed the thread “grav pool” on the Talkin’ Smeg! messageboard, where the mysterious being known only as kate posted a message. To quote:

Hi, could anyone tell me what grav pool looks like and how it is played?
Also could you tell me what a seeding pod is and what it looks like??
Images for these will be very helpful, i work for the company making the red dwarf games that can be downloaded to your mobile phone.

Now, obviously, we cannot confirm that this is true, but there have been past rumblings about such a game before. Let’s hope it comes to fruition. It sounds great, although if it’s true, it’s odd that they would have to resort to a message board to get the info they need. Mind you, who better to help with the games than the fans?

Next, it’s time for us to shake our sweaty little fists at The Red Dwarf Zone again. Their irritatingly up-to-date JMC News section details two new items at the The Red Dwarf Shop UK – limited edition trading card sets. There are two albums; Blue Midget and Red Dwarf. Costing £89.99 each, only 250 will be made. The 63 cards in each set are the same designs released in the standard set last year, only produced on a chrome board, but they also come with a Blue Midget or Red Dwarf silver plated collectors card (as applicable), and a factory set autograph card. It also comes in a special embossed leather album with silk lining. They are released 31st July, but you can pre-order yours now. I advise that you do, if you want to be sure of getting them…

Finally, take a look at Cappsy’s site, The White Hole – it now has a quite excellent Downloads page, covering everything from the various incarnations of the theme song, to a few mixes, to both US Pilots. The webspace and bandwidth required for those makes me, frankly, wet. And we can all be glad there’s finally another fansite out there doing great stuff.

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