Good news, everyone! Cappsy’s site The White Hole has a great new section; Red Dwarf and Me, which has fans reminiscing about our favourite show. I’m sending in my answers soon; get in contact with him if you want to add yours. He also warns that his excellent Downloads section will be offline between the 6th-21st this month, so get downloading if you want anything now. He runs his own server, the git. In other fansite news, both Back In The Red and Groovetown have also been updated. The official Norman Lovett site hasn’t appeared yet though, despite it being promised for late June. Wah.

Here at G&T we’ve continued to do some tweaking; hopefully you’ll find the newly-added Quick Links on the navbar useful. Expect some rather larger changes in the upcoming couple of months, as there are some major things happening behind-the-scenes (indeed, it’s one of the reasons why this isn’t a very substantial update…) Don’t forget the update on the official site tomorrow – we’ll have our Newsround Saturday, and an extensive DVD section update on Sunday.

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