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What have we here? An unexpected update? Well, there’s a few bits and pieces to tell you about. Firstly, Natalie Rosen has informed us that repeats of the first series are on UK Gold, starting Friday 8th August at 11:50pm. Surely you all have it on DVD by now, but if you don’t, here’s another chance to see what you’re missing. And Norman F from NOTBBC‘s forums has inadvertently given us news in the form of this article about The Crouches. All we can do is agree with The Commission for Racial Equality: “It is a sign of how far British television still has to go that the BBC planning to run a sitcom based around a black family is in itself a matter of news interest.”

Next: shame overload. I-I-I-sorry. Kate H got in contact with us to remind us about Big Blake – and, lo and behold, he’s run a couple of news stories that we and all the other Dwarf fansites missed. Gah. Firstly, there’s these lovely laser etched Starbugs from The Stamp Centre. Two versions are available: a large ornamental one for £24.95, and a smaller keyring version that lights up in green, costing £7.95. These are obviously fucking beautiful, and I need them immediately.

Secondly, he mentions that the Corgi Red Dwarf and Starbug models are now avaliable to preorder from Collectiques. They also have an offer of both for £9.99, along with little Lister and Rimmer figures. Lovely, and I’ll even spare you the rant about the Re-mastered Red Dwarf, because I’m feeling tired. Incidentally, I’d not have gone into all this in so much detail, but just pointed you directly towards the news items on Big Blake – but irritatingly, he’s disabled right-clicking, and I can’t be arsed pissing around getting round it. Gah.

An extra content update tomorrow, as I’m in a good mood; and Ian’s Newsround is on Friday this week. He’s coming round to bum me this weekend, so you’ll see the fruits of our labours on Sunday. Which will hopefully be something more than a trickle of spunk running down my leg.

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