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Sorry to keep droning on about this, but what about – THE LASER ETCHED STARBUGS! Eddie, from The Stamp Centre kindly got in touch to inform us that the large one, as pictured, is now in stock. It costs £24.95, and it looks worth every penny. The illuminated keyring version, costing £7.95, still has licensing problems – it will be avaliable in about 6-8 weeks. Also, there will be a large Red Dwarf etched piece avaliable, hopefully at the end of the month – we’ll bring you news of that when it’s avaliable. Excellent – The Stamp Centre really does make some beautiful stuff. Our only problem with their range is the new model of Red Dwarf they use, but that happens, irritatingly, everywhere you go now.

Next, news that The White Hole has updated with a brand new feature: Merchandise Reviews. Currently, there are reviews of the new lines of Red Dwarf tops. Excellent, although personally I’d say that anyone who sniggers behind someone’s back at the old T-shirt “Let’s Get Out There And Twat It” really just shows how pathetic the person who is sniggering is rather than reflecting anything on the design; that T-shirt was great. Just because the new T-shirts are less in-your-face, I don’t think it makes them better. There’s no denying that the latest Series VII/VIII design T-shirts were pretty poor, though (FUCK OFF ‘SMEGG HEAD’ FUCK) – and the new designs are fantastic, and a vast improvement on those.

As for us, we’ve added a nice little Latest News box at the top of the DVD, Movie and Brittas sections. Those of you who follow G&T will know all the latest anyway, but this is part of our plan to EDUCATE those who appear on various forums asking what’s going on, without finding out for themselves. Twats. We’ll have another content update tomorrow night, Ian’s Newsround on Friday, and the launch of a wonderful brand new section on Saturday. Hooray!

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