Argh. Danny John-Jules has given an extrodinarily interesting interview with Sci-Fi Online (see their news item on it as well). There’s a huge amount of interest in there, but of course what everyone wants to know about is the movie. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well… the latest is that it’s definitely going to start filming in the New Year… I say ‘definitely’ but a few years of saying ‘definitely’ is not very reliable. That’s the latest that I’ve heard from the horse’s mouth – i.e. Doug Naylor. I can only go by that really. Filming is due to start in Australia on the Gold Coast early in 2004.”

There’s also some fascinating stuff about his problems with scheduling for the movie and Story Makers:

“That’s the problem, but then again you don’t want to be tied up when everyone else is running off to the Gold Coast with their new bikini lines and sipping cocktails on the beach. It’s a bit weird. I’ve had to scale down my work on The Story Makers kids’ show that I’m involved with. I could only do a few episodes – I couldn’t commit to other episodes. I’m doing three specials and it’s a matter, for me, of sticking in there because The Story Makers has been really good for me. I get asked about it as much as I do about Red Dwarf – it’s really caught the imagination of the kids. So I’ve got another character… I’m Milton now. So for the last few years I am recognised more as Milton and The Cat has been demoted as far as what people are seeing of him. Milton has a whole new show, and he’s really caught the imagination of the kids. Obviously I’ve got to run with that because The Cat is already history and this new character is where I am now.”

As usual, we add the following disclaimer: don’t trust anything unless it comes out of GNP themselves. But it’s hard not to feel depressed about the apparent constant set-backs; remember, the last word from GNP was that shooting was intended to start “in late September”, and Craig Charles seemed to think in his interview to Teletext that it would start in October. Mind you, if shooting has been put back, no doubt GNP feel exactly the same as we do. To all of you who doubt that the movie will never happen, though: just remember that a lot of movies have very complicated production histories, and have constant setbacks in pre-production. Just because something suffers constant setbacks, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen eventually.

The interview is well worth reading right through though: from his view of the American pilots (“So they don’t give me the job, but they use me on their tape”), him getting no dosh from merchandising (“Let’s put out loads of merchandise and give them no money”), and loads more besides. Excellent.

Thanks to Mr. Skutter for his ATVRD post informing me of the news, however unintentionally.

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