Proof that Back In The Red are more than just a pretty new look; they bring news on a new RPG book coming soon from Deep 7 – the Red Dwarf Series Sourcebook, to be released in November 2003. A companion to the the first RPG book and AI Screen, here is all we have to go on at present:

In this not-to-be-missed supplement, each series of Red Dwarf will be covered in depth, giving adventure seeds for each of the episodes, series personality stats as they grow and change throughout the series, as well as stats for characters and other specifics that not covered in the main rulebook or AI Screen.

It has to be said that neither me or Ian have played the RPG; we simply haven’t got round to it as neither of us live near any rabid Red Dwarf fans. A while ago someone was making noises that it would be a good idea to set up an IRC channel or something dedicated to playing the game; if anyone is interested, we’ll help try and set something up…

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